“Patterns For College Writing” Book Review By Bibliomantics

Amazingly accurate, with all its capacity, the textbook “Patterns for college writing” is perfect for both a novice journalist and a scientist seeking to clothe his discoveries in a form accessible to the average reader. And, in general, to any person who wants to express his thoughts clearly and become a storyteller, who is listened to with his mouth open, and it does not matter where – at the rostrum or in friendly company. You can learn lots of new things in the academic writing and precis writing for graduate students – “Patterns for college writing” 13th edition.

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What does “Patterns for college writing” teach us?

At first, the cover of this book made me very pleased and even impressed. In general, in recent years, I have become accustomed to buying all new editions devoted to the writing technique, artistic and inartistic, because I am engaged in professional writing. First, I wanted to read “Patterns for college writing” online, but fortunately, I didn’t do so.

Still, Laurie G. Kirszner’s book is one of the rare manuals on the topic “how to write” or “writing essays for dummies.”

I probably did not like the fact that the author of “Patterns for college writing a rhetorical reader and guide” recommends simplifying text as much as possible. On the one hand, this is a rule, but on the other hand, this recommendation is already sore. 

Of course, the majority of readers don’t perceive complex constructions, and the more pathetic and complex the essay, the ultimately its rating is lower, but at the same time, if we go with the majority, where will we ultimately turn out to be?

According to Kirszner, the text and its logic should be completely transparent, everything that can be dispensed with must be cut off ruthlessly and cynically. In this book you can find a lot of synonyms for writing, and make your papers more brightful.

What is “Patterns for college writing” 13th edition ebook about?

The writer’s skill is completely surrounded by a halo of mystery. To write is to think on paper. Anyone who thinks clearly is able to write clearly about any subject — articles, essays, blogs, or even entire books. Moreover, the ability to correctly express your thoughts in writing is a must for anyone who wants to succeed in the modern, information-rich world.

Laurie G. Kirszner and Stephen R. Mandell, the most authoritative teachers of writing crafts of the living, in the 13th edition of their book, tells in detail how to write any texts on any topic – about people, about travels, about themselves, about technology, about sports, about art. Explains what rules a writer should be guided by, what methods to use, and how to relate to his work in order to bring him as close to perfection as possible.

Remember: what you write is often the only chance to recommend yourself to someone whose help, money, or goodwill you need. And if your message is fanciful, pompous, or foggy, the same reader will imagine you. He simply will have no other choice. So learn to write well in your own interests.

Why read?

Use the tools, hints, and encouraging words that anyone who writes essay texts needs. Here you’ll find various essay models written by students, which will help you develop writing skills in different styles.

For example, the following statement may turn out to be very useful, especially for a novice writer: “Do not try to imagine a wide readership. Such an audience does not exist – each reader is different from the others.” 

This seemingly obvious thought contains a very important grain, especially from the USA in the light of how often nowadays they like to nod to a certain phantom – TA – the target audience. Without in any way challenging the fact of the existence of such a concept, the author urges us not to blur the reader’s appearance, mixing it into a uniform gray gruel with a set of conditional signs such as “age,” “gender” and “education.” 

The reader, first of all, is a person who is completely independent and does not even suspect that he is part of a cloud that we imagined. And this is the reader to be won. Again and again – and not just once. 

Learning to write when others write.” You can roll your eyes beautifully and say that this book is for students only. However, it will be useful even for an experienced journalist.

Write a text that you really like about heroes that you associate with yourself. But in this quote, there is also the idea that the reader does not expect perfection from us. Of course, the “inner critic” wants this from us – but the reader is not so harsh at all. 

He wants an interesting story, tears in his eyes and laughter, positive emotions and fear. And this is especially true because, in the pursuit of a masterpiece, we not only run the risk of never adding a book at all, but we can also lose the reader as easily as we found. 

To summarize – Patterns For College Writing is an excellent, albeit slightly “academic” and not too modern book, in which grains of wisdom are generously scattered, along with stories from the author’s journalistic career.