Stephanie Talks About Books That Make Her Cry

I’m going to go ahead and admit it to the internet – books totally make me cry all the time. I admit that it sounds totally crazy, but I know I’m not the only one who ends up crying all over the pages of an amazing book so I don’t feel too bad talking about it. So many amazing stories have just taken hold of me over the years and become a huge part of my life – become part of me. So when the characters I love hurt – I hurt. When they die – I grieve for them. And when stories are just so epic and unbelievable – well, I cry then too. Here I will share four books that have had me crying the most.

This post contains spoilers!

The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux – So as my fellow Bibliomantics are fully aware – I may have liked Phantom of the Opera a little bit for a little while when we were in high school. And by that I mean I was completely out of my mind obsessed with it and once again would just like to thank my friends for somehow STILL being my friends anyway. You guys are the best. I am a huge fan of the book and definitely used to cry over it all the time. I was completely in love with Erik – the old crazy, dangerously obsessive, deformed murderer. Naturally. His unrequited love for Christine really tugged at me – and really tugged at her too actually. She could never love Erik truly, but she certainly pitied him and cried for him despite his crimes. When she kisses him and he lets her go…it’s just beautiful – he finally realized true love and that to love someone means you can’t keep them if they don’t want to be kept. He lets her leave with Raoul to be married – the only girl he ever loved and showed him kindness in return. He dies as he lived – alone and hidden from view, to have his corpse discovered years later still wearing the ring he had meant to give Christine. Tragic, love it, cried hysterically for him on way more than one occasion. As I’m writing this I’m thinking that I should definitely re-read it and do a post on it at some point to see how I feel about it now!

Looking for Alaska by John Green – This book killed me. Pudge losing Alaska was just so freaking sad in such a very real way. She wasn’t murdered by a dark wizard or kidnapped by demons or sacrificed for some satanic ritual or anything cool like that. She was drunk and her car crashed and she died. He lost her forever and not only that but has to deal with the guilt along with the Colonel – they were the ones who let her go. A hasty decision can have irreperable consequences and someone who was so very alive can suddenly be gone forever. When the Eagle breaks the news and Pudge is puking and the Colonel is just screaming and screaming….ugh, I can’t take it. It’s something we all have to face – losing someone we love like that and it can never ever be easy. To read these characters going through it was just so heartbreakingly tangible. I usually still cry a little on re-readings as well.

Harry Potter by JK Rowling – Remember that time Jo killed all of our friends? Wah wah. I believe I’ve been crying over Harry Potter since the 4th book, but the 6th and 7th are the real doozies for me. I did not particularly enjoy the 5th book so did not cry over Sirius – his death was just too sudden and inexplicable and I was just too busy thinking “Really? He fell through a curtain?” to cry about it. Dumbledore’s death was definitely one of those – got to put the book down and just cry for awhile before I keep going sort of moments. Harry’s absolute panic and fear and terror and ANGER with Snape are so raw that you can’t help but feel it too. I also stopped and had a freak out when Harry used Sectumsempra on Draco. I mean, obviously at that point, we’re waiting to see who Jo is going to kill and I was so scared that Draco was going to be the one in that moment. So glad he lived. He’s an asshole, but he’s so not actually evil and I really wanted him to live to grow out of it someday/become Fanon!Draco. Haha.  And then there’s the 7th book. Oh my. What part of this book was I not crying for? The death toll is ridiculous. I remember just shaking in disbelief, sobbing over these pages where I watched these characters I’d known for so long falling to finally defeat Voldemort. And they did, they won and it was awesome. And then I cried because the Epilogue was so bad.

The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman – This book definitely wins the prize for most crying ever of any book I’ve read and probably will ever read. Obviously I am extremely loyal to my love of Harry Potter, but secretly I know that His Dark Materials is even more epic and consuming. Lyra and Will’s separation quite posssibly the saddest thing I’ve ever read. They are so young, but just more in love – real, fierce, all-encompassing love – than any couple in any book. It is crazy. And they try to work it out, try to think of a way when they know there isn’t one – they have to leave each other after so short a time, have to be forever so terribly close and yet so impossibly far away. To think of them sitting together on the same bench a world away once a year is just…ahhh. How could they ever get over it and live without each other? Absolutely wrenching, getting choked up just thinking about it. And then even beyond that, just overall this book left me crying from the sheer magnitude of Pullman’s story. The battle between worlds, overthrowing Heaven and it’s angels, God disintegrating from his glass box with a smile on his face… Just absolutely, out of control AMAZING.

And so there you have it – the top 4 books that have made me cry and can probably still make me cry over and over if they catch me at the right moment. I have a heart and I have feelings – surprise! These are stories and characters that just really got under my skin and became a part of me. I hate the authors for it a little for making me care so much – but I love it too and really wouldn’t change a thing.

Except Fred. I won’t forgive her for Fred.


4 thoughts on “Stephanie Talks About Books That Make Her Cry

  1. This made me LOL for real (oh, did you like POTO a little bit for a little while?), but I’m also sad now. ;_;

    I cried hardest for Dobby. I don’t even particularly LIKE Dobby. Jeez.

    I don’t even want to think about Lyra and Will.

  2. I didn’t cry for Dobby at all. I hated Dobby. But I did cry for Snape, poor Snape. ::sniffle:: I will also cry whenever dogs in books die. I.e. “Where the Red Fern Grows” and “Stone Fox”.

    Every time while rereading “HP” and Fred is mentioned I get immediately sad. Or whenever the mention the clock in the Burrow. Damn, now I’m sad again.

  3. Lyra and Will – I can honestly say I have never cried that hard over fictional characters before. And that’s all I can say about it or I may start the waterworks right now.

    Even beautiful happy parts in books make me cry sometimes. I think it’s easier for me to channel emotions into fictional worlds than the real one sometimes. And then other times, the characters are real. As you say, JK killed all our friends. Damn her.

  4. Cujo – yes, like whenever you read about Fred in earlier books it’s tragic now. In the 7th book at Bill and Fleur’s wedding he literally says, “When I get married….” NOOO, TRAGEDY. HE WILL DIE YOUNG AND NEVER MARRY 😦

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