Stephanie and Cassie-wa’s Magical Time at Wrockstock

Wrockstock 2011. Potosi, Missouri. The YMCA Trout Lodge. Oh my wizard god, did Cassie-wa and I have an awesome time.

This was the 5th Wrockstock – all of them having been held at this lodge in Missouri. Where is Missouri you may ask? Well it’s kind of like… America…in the middle… Yeah, we don’t leave Jersey much, but now we’ve been to Missouri! We booked this trip I think around April or May and I am so so glad we decided to go.

After staying up until midnight getting costumes together, we finally went to bed…and took a short nap before getting up at 3:30am to catch a plane to St. Louis. As we were descending, we looked out the window wondering…where is the city?? We were getting lower and lower to the ground and there were only a few scattered neighborhoods, but no city, no arch… Later we learned we were actually just in St. Louis COUNTY – not in the actual city. So right away Missouri was meeting our expectations. At the airport, we ate the worst bagels ever made ever and then met Crissy and Nathan – our Knight Bus conductors! Or sleepy-time conductors really. We made a motley crew of nerd happiness/tiredness as we waited for everyone to arrive for our noon departure. At noon, we piled onto a big yellow school bus along with all our luggage and set off to get as far away from civilization as possible.

Before we reached the lodge we stopped at Walmart – in Missouri. I mean maybe I was looking for it, but it really did seem like everyone was obese, wearing camo, and eating buckets of popcorn chicken. Also there was a weird guy outside who I thought was saying, “Moonshine, moonshine” like he wanted to sell us moonshine, but it turned out he was singing “This Little Light of Mine” to himself. I don’t know which one is weirder. BUT at Walmart in Missouri there is this MAGICAL AISLE labeled “Beer/Chips.” But also has a huge shelf of hard liquor. Just in the Walmart. AMAZING. We loaded up on a ton of snacks and some booze and made it back to the bus on time without getting kidnapped.

We continued on to the lodge – passing tons of sketchy trailer homes, pick up trucks, cows in front yards, goats tethered to tractors, and Jimbo’s Silk Flower Arrangements. And then finally we made it! We immediately got our passes (BECAUSE THEY WERE ORGANIZED) and checked into the hotel……and went to sleep, haha.

The room was very nice – no TV though! Because when you are at the Trout Lodge you do outdoor things! We were on the first floor so our room also came complete with our very own Jethro Door (so dubbed after Justin Finch-Fletchley told us there was a hillbilly named Jethro wearing a bear suit and sitting in a row boat in the lake waiting to break in through it and eat us.) It also featured a lamp made out of antlers and you had to pull some sort of claw/tooth to turn it on.

Friday night started off awesome right away. It was designated 80’s night so after dinner (food sucked by the way – we mostly ate bacon and pie all weekend) we put on some crazy 80’s outfits and headed to the first show of Wrockstock. That night featured Kwikspell, Alex Carpenter, and The Whomping Willows. We’d never heard Kwikspell before and they were awesome. We also thought the guitarist might be a Scott Westerfeld character. Alex was amazing with a whole band behind him and sang my favorite song (THEY TOOK MY SON!!! WALT!!!!). Matt completely rocked/warocked and it was freaking amazing. And he was backed by Diagon Alley – Cuki’s violin solos were just heart breaking/melting. We were so pumped – what a great start.

After that we briefly checked out the dance party afterward – but the DJ (who says no one told him it was 80’s night) did not have any of the songs we requested. I mean really – how do you not have Livin on Prayer?? So we gave up on the party, went back to our room and passed out. I think we got up for breakfast the next morning, went back to sleep and then went to lunch. Then it was time for more music!

Saturday afternoon was great – Madam Pince and the Librarians had some seriously hilarious and fun songs. Lauren Fairweather played her entire new album “The Prince’s Tale” which is GORGEOUS and wonderful and I have no idea why we didn’t own it already. We kind of cried a little. Absolutely fantastic, Lauren sings so beautifully live – so glad I got to see it. Then there was The Weasel King – apparently an elusive member of the wizard rock community who was totally rocking and had a cute baby.

That night was monster night – we had actually prepared some White Walker costumes ala Song of Ice and Fire, but we decided against wearing them in the end because it was too cold outside and we really just wanted to crazily dance all around without cloaks and white makeup sweating off of us. Saturday night. Wow. We saw Gred and Forge for the first time – AMAZING. I told Jarrod every time I looked at him though, all I could think about was Stephanie reading us her high school journal at Leakycon. “Jarrod! Happy face!” Jarrod was followed by Diagon Alley – except not really because these asshole ninjas tied them up and played their set!! Jerks!! (Much of the night later was spent being hit by throwing stars and being stabbed.) Also there was surprise performance by Stacey from Swish and Flick!! Yay!! And in all seriousness, we really love Diagon Alley a LOT. Lastly, Draco and the Malfoys. Brian introduced himself as Draco Malfoy from his 19th year at Hogwarts and Bradley introduced himself by tapping a cymbol to wild cheers and applause. Their set was fantastic with all their best songs (I really think Potions Yesterday might be the best song of all time) and a bunch of covers too. No one wanted them to leave the stage, people were still screaming for them after they left the building, it was wild.

After that, Cassie-wa went to bed and I went to a party that lasted until morning. Well, I left at 5:30am.

Sleep is for Twilight fans!!

Anyway – in the morning, Cassie-wa brought me a cup of bacon and a cup of cinnamon rolls and then….we RODE FUCKING HORSES UP A MOTHERFUCKING MOUNTAIN.

Yes, you read that obscenity laden, all caps sentence right. Cassie and I were taught by cute cowgirls from Missouri how to drive a horse (drive a horse?) and then we got on a horse and we rode them up a mountain. Wow. It was CRAZAZY. My horse was named Gus and he tried really hard to crash me into trees. Cassie’s horse was called Chester and he tried to eat everything. First we were riding on a path (Cassie said the sound of hooves on pavement made her think of The Walking Dead which made me terrified), but then we turned into just leaves and dirt and rocks and we rode up a mountain. It was legit scary. I totally thought the horse was going to topple over and crush me. But the views were stunning. It was such a beautiful day and it was just…it was really something. Not like anything I’ve ever done before. It was a ton of fun.

After that we had lunch…AND THEN WE SHOT BOWS AND ARROWS. That’s right, people. I did more outdoor things than I have ever done in my life that day. Archery was awesome – this nice hillbilly guy taught us how to shoot and we were not too bad. This one girl Becca was like…a prodigy at it. We had a great time though, shooting the arrows and collecting them and doing it again. Our arms were way tired afterward though!!

Immediately following archery – more wizard rock! Of course! Sunday afternoon treated us to the amazing Blibbering Humdingers. Their songs are awesome, their live set is so much fun. The theme was awkward hugs so between songs we’d receive awkward instructions on how to awkwardly hug our neighbors. It was awkward, haha. Really Scott was so entertaining all weekend and I’m so glad to have met him. They were followed by Snidget – Grace who plays a DULCIMER and it is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING ON EARTH. She warned us in advance that she only writes sad songs about feminism or death and it was true, but it was BEAUTIFUL. SO BEAUTIFUL. (Also this was a sit down show – love it.) Justin blogged about “the Wrockstock Moment” at the end of her set when she sang a song she wrote called “This is my Bliss.” It was so beautiful and we were all together in the forest and we all love Harry Potter and didn’t have to be at work and it was just perfect and wonderful.

Grace was followed by Neville’s Diary…which I kind of skipped… But I made it back for the encore which was Wannabe by the Spice Girls…what?? Haha, awesome.

So suddenly there we were and it was the last night of Wrockstock and heading into the last show. It was sad. Also we almost slept through it, but Jethro woke us up.

Sunday night show started with Dreary Inferi – we were not really fans of them… We thought the guitarist and the keyboardist were good, but the songs were a little repetitive and not very fun for dancing. But it kind of doesn’t matter because you just yell a lot anyway, lol.

Tonks and the Aurors was next (also we did a couple shots of JD somewhere in here…) and let me say…Stephanie Anderson ROCKS SO HARD. Her show was fantastic. Love her songs, love her covers, love her voice and her kick-ass guitar playing, and love her. What a great show. Also she sings songs about Percy Jackson. So.

And then the last at Wrockstock – Justin Finch-Fletchley and the Sugar Quills. We jumped up and down so much and danced so crazy and yelled “WE LOVE YOU VIKTOR KRUM” so loud. It was beautiful. We were so pumped. Also Justin sang a song about chicken and cheese. Oh the chicken and cheese.

I stayed out way too late again and then we got on the Knight Bus at 8am and left Missouri and Wrockstock behind us. We met awesome people, saw amazing shows, rode fucking horses, and had such a great time. What an amazing get-away from the norm. Even better than Leakycon in some ways because it was just such a calm and tranquil setting and everything felt so casual and easy and laidback. It was just absolutely wonderful. I wish we spent every weekend doing the same thing.


5 thoughts on “Stephanie and Cassie-wa’s Magical Time at Wrockstock

  1. I sense a theme with you at wizard things Pokey. Go hang out with wizards, get really drunk, make wizard babies, go to sleep way too late, have to be fed by Cassie-wa. Lol. Also: EAT A CHEESEBURGER! The end.

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