May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor: Cassie-la Discusses Her “Hunger Games” Preparations

It’s finally here! After much internet excitement, a butt load of merchandise and more than enough internal squeeing, it is finally the official release day of The Hunger Games!!! An unlimited number of exclamation points could not explain my excitement. Hopefully I won’t be regretting all of this after tonight and walk out of the theatre grumbling that “the book was better”, but let’s be honest, that’s a distinct possibility. Especially if they pull a Watchmen and change the ending to appeal to the masses. Such is the damage of being a rabid bibliophile.

The plan for tonight is for myself and the other Bibliomantics along with some close friends and my sister to see a 6:30 screening of the film, and sometime next week review it in lieu of a typical Bibliomantic Book Club book, so be on the lookout for that soon. Or soonish, depending on when we all have time to write stuff up.

My first step in preparing for the film was to re-read the novel. I initially bought and read it at Infinitus 2010, which was pretty dangerous because all I wanted to do was keep reading and we had Harry Potter things to do! Thankfully I was able to slip some reading in poolside, before bed, and on planes. I was a little scared to re-read the novel to be honest because I loved it so much the first time and I was afraid that re-immersing myself would somehow tarnish my first impressions. In retrospect this was a ridiculous fear since it was just as good (if not better) the second time around! Again, I devoured the text, reading for hours just to see how Katniss’ story evolved, even though I had already read it less than two years ago. Suffice it to say it broke my heart all over again. That’s a post all in itself.

Next I searched the interwebs for merchandise, and ended up with some nail polish and a Mockingjay pin which has sadly still not arrived. At least I’ll have it for Chasing Fire #optimism. If you follow our twitter account Bibliomantics, you will have seen a few links to China Glaze’s nail polish collection Capitol Colours. I ended up with three colors, Smoke and Ashes (bluish black with flecks of green), Stone Cold (a matte grey that dries to look like rock), and Harvest Moon (a deep golden copper). Initially, the collection was designed to represent the Districts but after realizing that this goes against the message of The Hunger Games, the collection was instead renamed to reflect the materialistic nature of the Capitol. This became a problem because they kept the neutral color scheme the same, and as a result the majority of the polishes don’t reflect the Capitol in the way they should. If you change your idea, you should change the colors to reflect that. Also, they could have kept Harvest Moon named Cinna-mon (a horrible name, but I like that the color was inspired by Cinna’s gold eyeliner).

I continued my Hunger Games fervor by bringing it into my job. SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION TIME! Prior to this week I just wrote comic book (and the occasional book and movie reviews) for an entertainment website called The Daily BLAM! Last Friday we launched an off-shoot site called CulturSHOCK, a geek-centric blog that I now write and edit for. CHECK IT OUT! For the section called Product Spotlight where we highlight various products that strike our fancy, I wrote a Hunger Games tie-in centered around things you should buy to get you ready for the movie premiere. You can read Product Spotlight! What You Need to Prepare for THE HUNGER GAMES for the skinny on the prequel story app The Girl on Fire, a link to Cafe Press’ sweet tesserae vintage-style propaganda poster, books, and music I compiled (0fficially licensed products only).


Speaking of music… A few sentences or more ago- but who’s counting- I greatly enjoyed three songs in particular off the companion soundtrack, and what would this post be if I didn’t listen to the movie created songs to get in the mood for the upcoming release? One that cut corners that’s what! Those three songs in particular are “Abraham’s Daughter” by Arcade Fire, “One Engine” by the Decemberists and “Safe and Sound” by Taylor Swift. I am not by any stretch of the imagination a Taylor Swift fan and even I think this song is amazing, the perfect heart rending tune for Katniss and Prim. ❤ “Abraham’s Daughter” is downright haunting, and tells a tale of sacrifice and one girl standing up for what is right (very Katniss), and “One Engine”… Well, that’s about a train. A metaphor about a train car breaking away from the pack? Being a martyr and derailing? That’s a stretch even for us English majors.

My final finishing touches for seeing the film included retouching my nails with Harvest Moon since I’m a Team Cinna girl when I’m not rooting for Team Peeta (I love the boy with the bread), and braiding my hair Katniss style! Cassie-wa had already achieved this successfully on Stephanie, so I went ahead and found a tutorial for a side french under braid to achieve the same effect. Go HERE to learn how to recreate Katniss’ hair yourself. I’m completely inept at anything involving hair styling and even I could do it… After practicing over and over and over again. But that will be our little secret.

I left out the part where I trolled the internet and clicked on every Hunger Games link that was posted on twitter to save you some boredom, but it would be remiss of me not to mention the College Humor original short imagining what if there was a Hunger Games Game for girl’s inspired by the 90’s board game Dream Phone. Girls will probably appreciate it more for that. Complete with a card vomiting Haymitch and the tagline: “Boys! And fighting to the death! And kissing!” and instructions like, “Collect clues about your secret admirer… AND HOW HE’S PLANNING TO KILL YOU!” how could you not laugh? And then get scared because someone WOULD actually make this. Especially when one female asks the others, “Does my crush have all his limbs?”

Now all that’s left to do is see the film tonight. Here’s hoping that’s it’s amazingly, or at least passable. As long as it doesn’t damage the source material I should be pleasantly surprised. If not, then I’m petitioning for a remake. TEAM TIM GUNN FOR CINNA!!! At least until I get distracted by the upcoming premiere of “Game of Thrones” season two. TEAM LEMON CAKES!


4 thoughts on “May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor: Cassie-la Discusses Her “Hunger Games” Preparations

  1. Though I didn’t think it was possible, your post made me even more excited for this movie!! My eyes are heavily coated in Urban Decay sparkly gold shadow and waterproof mascara, my ticket’s purchased, and I’m so freaking ready.

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