Around the Interwebs: Volume I

A very Happy Hobbit Day to you and yours! Due to the nature of the holiday, we highly recommend you read this post outside, shoeless with a good meal. In other words, do as the Hobbits do and eat, drink, and be Merry (and Pippin).

That being said, welcome to our first but certainly not last volume of Around the Interwebs! Once a week we will share all the book related news, releases and hilarity we find on the internet. Parody videos, memes, product links- as long as it’s literary it’s fair game! To see links we find in real time, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook!

Top Ten Hobbit References in Popular Culture (via Quirk Books)

Slightly shameless self-promotion time! Our very own Cassie-la wrote a top ten list for one of our favorite publishers Quirk Books detailing Hobbit references in pop culture. It even made it onto Book Riot’s List List! From cartoons to television shows and musicals, this list covers all pantheons of popular culture to get you in the Hobbit Day spirit. Our personal favorite is the above video from the cult television show “Flight of the Conchords” starring LotR actor Bret McKenzie, AKA Figwit.

The CW Announces Alice in Wonderland Crime-Drama “Wunderland” (via The Hollywood Reporter)

Because the “Beauty and the Beast” remake looks so good (NOT) the CW has ordered a script for a crime show inspired by Wonderland, starring a female detective who stumbles upon another world beneath Los Angeles. Of course we’re not complaining about a resurgence of all things Alice, next week monster hunter Alice will go on an undead killing spree in the book Alice in Zombieland and Alice Liddell descendent Alyssa finds herself in a very dark under-land in the 2013 novel Splintered.

Hogwarts Honor Student Car Decal (via Book Riot)

We’re not really sure who would promote that they’re an honor student, but that’s because we don’t know anyone who went to Hogwarts. And unfortunately we’re not friends with Hermione. Show off your intelligence (we’re looking at you Ravenclaws) and your enrollment at wizard school with this fun car decal. It can be purchased through Etsy for $9.99. No promises are made on how long the sticker will last on flying cars or brooms.

Storm of Swords – It Gets Better [SPOILER WARNING] (via Topless Robot)

WARNING: Here be spoilers for those of you have not read A Storm of Swords or have only watched the HBO show. You have been warned. Repeatedly. Inspired by the “It Gets Better” ad campaigns, this parody tells you how things get better after A Storm of Swords. Except not. Not really. Not at all. In fact, things get much much worse and “Dorne is bullshit”. Don’t even get us started on A Feast for Crows or A Dance with Dragons, we just don’t want to talk about it.

Sherlock Blues Clues (via The Mary Sue)

What would happen if BBC’s “Sherlock” and “Blues Clues” had a crossover. Well, Steve would cry, Blue’s depressing back story would be uncovered and Sherlock would yell at children. In other words, best crossover ever. We especially love when Sherlock has to skidoo into a picture hanging on the wall and the dichotomy between Sherlock and Steve’s detective skills.  See the full video on College Humor HERE for all the hilarity. “But what would make Blue happy!?!”

How I Think of “Game of Thrones” Characters (via Lolsnaps)

An oldie but a goodie from College Humor, we rediscovered this meme and couldn’t help but share it. Again. With so many characters in the epic fantasy “Game of Thrones”, no one will judge you for referring to Tyrion as “Peter Dinklage”, thinking of Theon as “Other Robb”, or just plain not knowing who a character is. We have a feeling we won’t remember anyone by the time Winds of Winter is finally published. Seriously, Frodo is great, who is that?

“The Hunger Games” – A Bad Lip Reading (via Stephanie Perkins)

A few weeks ago we watched the hilarious videos from the YouTube channel Bad Lip reading, specifically the Edward and Bella version and the ones that make Mitt Romney yell about summoning badgers. Now, the channel gives us the hilarious Hunger Games version, in which Gale’s last words to Katniss are, “Scooby Doo”, Peeta is Codfish Joe, and Cinna just wants to get drunk. Also: Marvin the Cat is a lie. YAY A GOAT!

Nerdy Cookie Stamps (via That’s Nerdalicious)

These cookie stamps are geeky and drool-worthy and make us crave shortbread or sugar cookies immediately. Currently available in the Deathly Hallows symbol, Mockingjay pin, Avengers logo, Flash and Rebel Alliance emblems and the not so literary “Star Trek” Commander patch. Each stamp is available through the Totalum Etsy shop for $11.95. Cookies sadly not included, but that’s what break and bakes are for! You can have your nerd and eat it too.

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