New York Comic-Con 2012: Artist Alley Spotlight

This weekend, we had the honor to experience and cover New York Comic-Con 2012 at the enormous and newly expanded Javits Center. Perhaps one of our favorite NYCC highlights was getting to explore the incredible Artist Alley, where artists show off their illustrations, meet fans and sell their work.

What follows is a highlight of our favorite Artist Alley finds, complete with literary theme. But you knew that was coming.

Mark Dos Santos – Crisp clean style with touches of Art Nouveau and a smattering of 1920’s pulp.

The Gotham Evening Post – Batgirl and Robin

Agnes Garbowska – Adorable chibi characters from multiple fandoms and author of the just as cute You, Me, and Zombie.

Daenerys and Drogo

Imaginism Studios – Artwork from Bobby Chiu, Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland designer! The art definitely made up for… Everything about that film.

Tea Time With Cheshire Cat

Sara Richard – Gorgeously stunning Art Nouveau watercolors plus dinosaurs! In addition to an amazing style, Sara is also a giant sweetheart who freelances for Hasbro.

Sandman and Death

Squire Sword – More chibi characters but printed out and added to a foam core stand with detachable magnetic base! You can literally buy your cosplayed self.

Squire Sword Standees – Snape, Rorschach and Toph

Drake Tsui – Super stylized anime-esque artwork from some of our favorite fandoms. And Scott Pilgrim.


Chris Uminga – Creepy comic characters/creatures with sad expressions and eery eyes that melt your heart.


If only we had artistic talent! If you need me, I’ll bewailing my inability to use pens properly.


One thought on “New York Comic-Con 2012: Artist Alley Spotlight

  1. […] This year was my second comic-con and it could not have been more different than 2011. For one thing, it was even more crowded- I blame them once again for over-selling tickets- so not much time was spent on the show floor. Next year if I want to actually look at things to buy from vendors, I’ll go on Preview Night. Whereas last year I spent ALL my time upstairs, this year a great deal of time was spent in panels considering I actually read the schedule all the way through. Despite my Nicholas Brendon related anger. Due to this, many literary panels were discovered and chaos was mostly avoided. I say mostly because my fellow Bibliomantics and I spent a lot of time enjoying the semi-crowded Artist Alley (read about our Artist Alley Spotlight here). […]

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