New York Comic-Con 2012: Cosplay Gallery

IT’S NYCC COSPLAY GALLERY TIME! Due to our costume choices, the second part of the gallery is “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and “The Legend of Korra” themed and the final section is all about “Supernatural”. You have been pre-warned!

P.S. Not everyone at conventions wearing trench-coats are the 10th Doctor. Some of us are Castiel. Or Colombo. Or once (hypothetically) McGruff the Crime Dog. Take a bite out of crime!


One thought on “New York Comic-Con 2012: Cosplay Gallery

  1. […] Within this recap, you will find excitement over getting to merely see Terry Pratchett (who may or may not have been cosplaying the 9th Doctor), the joy of winning and receiving ARCs, the fear of getting the full wrath of Maureen Johnson’s stare, Chuck Palahniuk throwing severed body parts at fans, and plenty of “Supernatural” related shenanigans. Not to mention some awesome cosplay, my favorites included Baby Green Phoenix, Anya from the “Buffy” episode Once More With Feeling and a newly regenerated Doctor Whooves (see our full Cosplay Gallery here). […]

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