Around the Interwebs: Volume VI

A happy early Halloween everybody! We hope all you fellow east-coasters don’t let Hurricane Sandy ruin your tricks and or treats. Or your All Hallow’s Read plans. But if by chance you do get rained in, we highly recommend curling up with a good scary novel and some candy.

Andy Serkis to Direct Animal Farm and Possibly Play Talking Faux-Russian Pig (via The Mary Sue)

Motion-captor actor and everyone’s favorite tortured Hobbit turned crispy meatsicle Andy Serkis has the directing bug after his work as second-unit director on The Hobbit and has signed on to direct an adaptation of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. You know, the one with the talking animals that are an allegory for Soviet Russia? Serkis wants to make things as fresh as possible, with a focus on the more emotional end of the story which is still in the planning phase. Will horses being turned into glue trump allegorical satire.

The Walking Dead: The Musical, Now With 100% Less Talking (via The Daily Dead)

We’re really glad zombies can’t talk, because apparently they all have speech impediments and enunciate like cavemen. At least in this fan-made zombie musical from the youtube channel AVbyte they do. The good news is they’re amazing tap dancers and are somehow able to make tap shoe noises while wearing sneakers! Therefore, zombies = magical, unless that’s the sound of their bones cracking together. On second thought, we prefer the brain munching kind.

First Look at Bolg, the World’s Ugliest Orc (via Oh No They Didn’t!)

We’re really glad Jim Henson could come back from beyond the grave to recreate this terrifying Orc. Although there’s a 50% chance this is just what happens to Fraggles once they hit puberty.  Check out the Oh No They Didn’t! post for a more in-depth look at this confusingly horrifying muppet monster, including the way his head is in no way proportional to the rest of his body and just where this character appears in the text. Yup, this one is pure Tolkien.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter Getting a Gringotts! (via Hypable)

OMG OMG OMG OMG, Universal Studios has begun construction on the expansion of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which will include Gringotts (with a crazy-ass roller coaster inside), an English waterfront, working Hogwarts Express, new stores, a new restaurant and even Diagon Alley! We’re secretly holding out for a Knockturn Alley, but we’ll be happy with Diagon Alley for now. Although to get inside Diagon Alley you don’t need to kick a puppy, which is just no fun at all.

Jean Grey to Have Cameo in The Wolverine, Continuity Peed On and Set Aflame (via Game Zone)

So now it appears that Jean Grey herself, Famke Janssen will have a cameo appearance in The Wolverine, despite the fact that X-Men Origins: Wolverine was explicitly meant to be outside of cannon. Brain. Hurts. This will of course also alter the original X-Men timeline as now Logan is visiting Japan after the events in The Last Stand. I don’t even want to consider how that’s going to work. Janssen also hinted at a possible return to the character in the time-traveling adventure Days of Future Past (possibly as a resurrected Phoenix) in which Patrick Stewart has already been confirmed. Squeeee!

“Game of Thrones” Cutie-Mark Sigil Ponies (via The Mary Sue)

These nine customized My Little Game of Throne Ponies from Etsy seller AssassinKittyCustoms come fully equipped with cutie mark sigils and seizure inducing colors that tell you what house they belong to. Think of all the fun you can have with them, demanding that your friends tell you what all the sigils mean for hours and hours, writing up pages upon pages about what the colors and shapes mean and regret that you ever paid for a House Tully pony.

Real Literary Bars Pub Scrawl (via Book Riot)

Last week Book Riot gave us some literary fun with their twitter hashtag #LiteraryBrews. Now they’ve gone from fiction to non-fiction with these real life literary bars. We want to go hang out in the Rabbit Room where Tolkien drank ale so bad! First we need pipes and then we need plane tickets to Oxford. Damn England and all your famous historical literary sites. Although we’d also accept a trip to La Closerie des Lilas in Paris to hobnob where Oscar Wilde and F. Scott Fitzgerald did.

Whimsical Harry Potter Themed Wedding (via Offbeat Bride)

From tables named after The Burrow and The Three Broomsticks, a Sorting Hat centerpiece and some snitches on their gorgeous wedding cake, Allyson and Casey had one snazzy Harry Potter wedding (more photos HERE). And of course they got married in a big, gorgeous stone mansion because why wouldn’t you? One day we hope to attend a HP wedding, and let’s be honest, one of us is bound to have it so it’s definitely going to happen! Preferably with cloaks.

Denny’s: An Unexpected Place for Second Breakfast (via

Why Dennys, why do you have to have a Hobbit themed menu forcing us to brave food poisoning and yokels to eat in your establishment? Jerks. To tie in with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Denny’s will be serving a Hobbit themed selection from November through January which includes Gandalf’s Gobble Melt, Hobbit Hole Breakfast, Pumpkin Patch Pancakes, Lonely Mountain Treasure, Frodo’s Pot Roast Skillet, Shire Sausage, Bilbo’s Berry Smoothies, Radagast’s Red Velvet Pancake Puppies, Seed Cake French Toast, and Build Your Own Hobbit Slam (WHAT?). See the commercial HERE for the nerdiest (AKA best) cosplay in a public setting ever.

Four Literary Episodes of “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” (via Book Riot)

Just in time for Halloween, Book Riot has compiled a list of book themed “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” episodes! This show was our crack growing up and some of the episodes still send shivers up and down our spines despite the fact that the 90’s production values are anything but terrifying. Check out Book Riot’s post for all four episodes, including the one above which still makes Cassie-la pee herself from the memories alone: “The Tale of the Ghastly Grinner”. Eeep!

Giant Gollum Catches Fish in New Zealand Airport to Remind Tourists of the One Thing NZ is Known For (via Geekologie)

Just in case you didn’t know, New Zealand is where the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings were filmed. And if for some reason your forgot, this giant realistic Gollum should remind you as he threatens to reach down and squeeze you to death inside the Wellington Airport. You’re not fooling us with those fish, giant Gollum has a blood lust and it needs to be sated with human flesh! Check out the Geekologie article for all the photos of this terrifying monstrosity.

Book Spine Poetry is the Best Book Porn Ever (via Book Riot)

We were just introduced to the most amazing thing: BOOK SPINE POETRY, which apparently has been around since 1993 but we just weren’t paying attention. The premise is simple, line up the spines of books so the titles form poetry. “After You / Talk to Me / Everything is Illuminated / Instant Love”. We’re drowning in the awesome. “Primitive Art / Just Imagine / Picasso / Raised by Wolves”. We’re tempted to give it our own try!


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