Around the Interwebs: Volume IX

We hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving stuffing your faces, arguing with relatives and getting too drunk to function. We know we did! ❤

Robert Pattinson Hates Twilight, Oh And Also His Life (via Jezebel)

Robert Pattinson Hates His Life might be the best Tumblr of all time. The premise is simple, collect all the most amazing .gifs and quotes of Robert Pattinson hating on Twilight (and occasionally himself) and share them with the world. Gems include, “Surely there’s another way to get the creepy baby out of her stomach,” “Why are they still going to high school? They’re a hundred years old!” “I like the idea of him turning into a mermaid,” and “It’s terrible!” Robert Pattinson has no shame, and we love it.

“The Walking Dead” Is Finally Getting Another Comic Book Character (via ScreenCrush)

Since the untimely yet expected death of T-Dog on “The Walking Dead” (belated spoilers), the series needs to add a new token black man fated to die. The man for that job is Tyreese, a beloved character from the comics who could have been with the group all along considering the ex-football player should have entered into TV canon in the first few episodes of season one. Specifically so suicide pacts, love triangles, and cuddling could happen. Sadly, he was replaced with the made up character T-Dog, who- let’s face it- was just awful. So welcome new T-Dog! We hope you get more lines.

Philippa Gregory’s The Cousin’s War is Coming to the BBC, Historical Fiction Five! (via The Mary Sue)

Historical fiction (heavy on the fiction not so much on the historical) author Philippa Gregory is having her War of the Roses series titled The Cousin’s War made into a 10-episode BBC series of awesome. Written by Emma Frost (WE KNOW!), starring Lestrade from “Sherlock” and Craster from “Game of Thrones”, and featuring the York/Lancaster feud that inspired the Stark/Lannister blood bath, there is just too much to be excited about when it comes to the BBC’s most expensive show to date. For $40 million it better be amazing!

Choose Your Own Adventure Version of Hamlet To Be Funded on Kickstarter (via Kickstarter)

A choose your own adventure version of Hamlet titled To Be Or Not To Be in which you play as Hamlet, Ophelia, or King Hamlet? SIGN US UP! This soon to be made book has less than a month to go on Kickstarter and is already massively over-funded, but you should hop in anyway to get some sweet swag and a copy of the book. Written by Dinosaur Comics‘ Ryan North, this is one Kickstarter we cannot recommend enough. Bonus: each of the 110 ways to die will be illustrated by well known web comic artists AND 100% of the profits will go to benefit the Canadian Cancer Society. Have we said enough to make you pledge yet?

10 Worst Fictional Families to Spend Thanksgiving With (via Book Riot)

If you thought your family was crazy, then you have not thought of the prospect of sitting through a family dinner with these ten dysfunctional (and fictional) families. Your Uncle may get drunk as a skunk, but at least he’s not plotting to kill you at your own wedding, you might be at the kid’s table despite being an adult but at least you’re not eating under the stairs. Not to mention, none of your siblings are in incestuous relationships after being locked in an attic together. See? Your family isn’t so bad, are they? Check out Book Riot for the full list.

Scarlet Friday Was Here And It Was Awesome (via Marissa Meyer)

The rest of the world had Black Friday, and fans of Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles had Scarlet Friday to celebrate the upcoming release of the second book in the fractured fairy tale series: Scarlet. MacMillan is giving out 1,000 Scarlet lip glosses on a first come first serve basis for people who pre-order, while Tor is offering up a prequel short story entitled The Queen’s Army, which can be read on Tor, or purchased for $0.99 through Amazon. Entertainment Weekly has released a pretty painful book trailer and Meyer is running a contest on her blog to give away five ARCs. As if that weren’t enough, you can also read the first five chapters for free. Phew. That’s a lot of linkage.


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