Around the Interwebs: Volume X

“Game of Thrones” the Imaginary Video Fighting Game We Wish Was Real (via The Mary Sue)

Sadly this isn’t a real video game that you can play by frantically mashing buttons, nor is it even concept art for a future game. Sadly, it’s just some fan art from Robert Flores, albeit really really awesome fan art. Oh how we wish it were real! Check out more stills from this imaginary game over on Flores’ Deviant Art page. including a battle between Tyrion/Bronn and Cersei/Joffrey. Tyrion’s special skill is the ultimate slap fight.

High Resolution Photos of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’s Quarter Quell (via

SPOILERS in the following paragraph if you have yet to read Catching Fire. In which case, what are you waiting for? Get reading! Anyway, for those of you who have read the book, the Hunger Games cast went to Hawaii to start filming scenes for the Quarter Quell and it looks like it’s going to be an action packed movie where everyone runs around in over-stylized wet suits. To see the rest of the photos, not all of whom contain Finnick Odair, go HERE.

“Sherlock” Series Three Might Be Delayed Until 2014 – NOOOOOOO! (via ScreenCrush)

But… but… but… It’s not fair! Insert wailing here. Sorry “Merlin” fandom, we have yet to watch your show and are therefore more distraught by the BBC’s decision to delay “Sherlock” than confirmation that the planned cancellation of a show which we heard stopped being good after they killed off Anthony Head was actually happening. Belated spoilers? Anyway, due to the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman actually have lucrative careers outside of their bromantic television series, season three may be pushed back to late 2013/early 2014. It’s a depressing week for fandom.

Ally Condie Discusses the Matched Movie and Her Dream Cast, COUGHNATHANFILLIONCOUGH (via Hypable)

Young adult dystopic trilogy Matched is being turned into a movie by Disney before the world gets tired of turning YA series into movies. Psst, we’ll never get tired of it. Author Ally Condie talked about her dream cast for the series, which includes Nathan Fillion as anyone’s dad (she’ll take him for any role as long as she gets to fondle him), with Logan Lerman from Percy Jackson for Ky and “The Vampire Diaries” Nina Dobrev for Cassia. Regardless of the cast, the script is being written by the husband/wife team who crafted Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, so we have high hopes for at least the first adaptation. We could take or leave Crossed and Reached.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Rumored To Be the Sexiest Batman Yet (via I Watch Stuff)

Hollywood’s new it-dude Joseph Gordon-Levitt may or may not be the latest actor to take up Batman’s mantle, possibly in the upcoming Justice League movie. Furthermore, his appearance may be teased in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel (you know, yet another Superman movie, but one in which he has no underwear, a CGI cape and a Treasure Troll gem in his bellybutton?). Only time will tell if this is actually true or just an unsubstantiated rumor- but here’s hoping for truth, justice and the JGL way!

Flow Chart: What Hipsters Should Read Next (via Entertainment Weekly)

Little known fact: hipsters liked flow charts before they were cool. This hilarious flow chart is full of witty asides and relies on the fact that if you have never read Infinite Jest then you are not a real hipster. Don’t worry, it’s full of other recommendations aside from books written by David Foster Wallace based on where you buy your coffee, if you’re over Chuck Palahniuk or you want something full of zombies. The full flow chart can be viewed on Entertainment Weekly. Are you hipster enough?

This Precious Can Keep You Warm At Night: Make Your Own One Ring Scarf (via Geekologie)

One scarf to rule them all, one scarf to find them, one scarf to bring them all and in the darkness bind them (after the scarf is placed over your eyes to blind you of course). It’s times like these we wish we knew how to knit. Or could extort someone to knit complicated phrases in Black Speech for our wearing pleasure. This DIY pattern is available for FREE from ravelry and we expect four scarves (in navy, green, purple and maroon) in thanks for finding it for you. You’re welcome.

Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere Radio Show Has an All Star (Okay, All Fandom) Cast (via Hypable)

Our favorite part of this photo is the six pages of computer paper taped together to make a sign for the sole purpose of saying hello to Neil Gaiman. The upcoming radio version of Gaiman’s novel Neverwhere has a cast straight out of a fan fiction crossover crack fic of epic proportions. Featuring Sherlock/Smaug (Benedict Cumberbatch), Margaery Tyrell (Natalie Dormer), [Young] Professor Xavier (James McAvoy), Giles/Uther Pendragon- but mostly Giles (Anthony Head), and Saruman (Sir Christopher Lee), you might very well share in our excitement. The show is set to air in early 2013 and listeners outside the UK will be able to listen with BBC iPlayer. YAY!

Even More Actors Joining X-Men Days of Future Past (via Topless Robot)

Possibly to make up for The Last Stand, the news coming in about Days of Future Past just keeps getting better and better. Patrick Stewart had already been confirmed for the film, and this week we got news that Hugh Jackman and Sir Ian McKellan would be returning as Wolverine and Magneto respectively. Although maybe a dream sequence where they switched bodies would be fun. Just kidding, please don’t ruin this movie Bryan Singer.

Disney Takes On More Evil Queens in Frozen and Cinderella (via The Mary Sue)

Remember that movie Frozen based on the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale The Snow Queen? Probably not, but we do. The Disney film has picked up voice actresses Kristen Bell as the heroine Anna and Idina Menzel as the Snow Queen herself. We’re dying over this casting. The film has also snagged a second director: Wreck-It Ralph co-writer Jennifer Lee. In other fairy tale movie news, the live-action Cinderella is in talks with Cate Blanchett to play the wicked stepmother. Preferably without just recreating her role as Galadriel. Ugh.

Weatherman Forced to Do Weather Forecast in Elvish (via Geekologie)

Being a weatherman isn’t considered particularly difficult since it mostly involves reading off a teleprompter and pointing to a map, but when you make the weatherman speak in Elvish, we have to give them props. In New Zealand (of course this happened in New Zealand), the local weather was read in both Elvish (with subtitles) and English, and everyone pretended that New Zealand is actually Middle-earth. Wait, New Zealand isn’t actually Middle-earth?

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell Adaptation Announced By BBC Because They Are the Best (via Den of Geek!)


You’ve probably heard of Susanna Clarke’s much applauded Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell– which features two rival magicians in an alternate history London where magic is real- and if not, well now you have. The ambitious series (which has been called un-filmable as a movie because of its massive scale) will be headed by Toby Haynes who has directed episodes of “Being Human”, “Doctor Who” and “Sherlock”. Those are some pretty stellar credentials you have there. May we touch them?


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