Around the Interwebs: Volume XI

Warm Bodies Gets Another New Trailer, Still Looks Adorable (via I Watch Stuff)

On the surface, Warm Bodies (a remake of the book by the same name) looks like Twilight with zombies because it happens to have an attractive British actor playing the pale faced love interest who falls in love with a human and has a propensity for staring creepily at her. It doesn’t help that Stephenie Meyer has the promotional quote on the book cover. Thankfully, that’s where the differences end. Warm Bodies looks funny and full of heart, plus it’s being directed by 50/50‘s Jonathan Levine so it’s definitely no Twilight.

“Dexter” for Teens: I Hunt Killers Getting Its Own Television Show (via Hypable)


In more books being turned into movies/television show news, Barry Lyga’s YA book I Hunt Killers, about a boy with a serial killer for a father, is in development by ABC Family. It will be penned by “Dexter” writer Arika Mittman and will have more of a young adult feel than the Showtime show. Meaning less rough sex and even less shots of naked John Lithgow. Although hopefully it will be just as on the edge of your seat exciting. Although we did hear a rumor that they might make the protagonist female for no reason. Read Cassie-wa’s review HERE for more info on the book itself.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Themed Restaurant Continues to Prove Everything Cool is in Japan (via Book Riot)


We’ve seen the Alice in Magic World restaurant in the past, but that doesn’t make us any less jealous that it exists and is a 13 plus hour plane ride away. Why is all the cool stuff in Japan!?! The Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland theme pervades the eatery, from giant hedge maze dividers, over sized books, heart shaped tables and playing card chandeliers. In the immortal words of Liz Lemon: “We want to go to there.” Even more photos of the restaurant can be found over on Book Riot.

BBC is Making The Casual Vacancy into a Mini-Series and YAAAAWN (via HuffPo)


Don’t tell anyone, but we literally dozed off just typing that headline. We’ve already discussed the BBC’s plans for a Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell adaptation and their most expensive mini-series yet The Cousin’s War (both of which are super exciting) but they immediately lost our interest by announcing a Casual Vacancy adaptation. Does there even need to be a television version of this? Does J.K. Rowling need anymore money? Does she need to be distracted from finally finishing that Harry Potter encyclopedia? The correct answers are no and no.

Stephen Colbert Celebrates “Hobbit Week” on “The Colbert Report” (via StarCrush)


If you missed the four episodes of “The Colbert Report” dedicated to The Hobbit, then what were you doing with your evenings? Colbert’s team went all out, re-decorating the studio to look like a replica Shire, and re-creating the opening credits to look like a map of Middle-earth complete with landmarks like Smaug Street, Green Witch Village, Mordhattan and the Mutton Packing District. He also interviewed Ian McKellen, Andy Serkis, Peter Jackson and Martin Freeman. Spoilers: Gandalf the Grey will become Gandalf the Gay and we’ll “find out who his favorite dwarf is.”

A Look Inside the Insanity That Is the Amazon Warehouse (via Bored Panda)


An Amazon warehouse is basically Willy Wonka’s factory for book nerds. It must be fun to work there. Unless you love books, then you’ll probably spend your entire paycheck on books you find, and/or get fired for never doing any work and instead browsing the miles and miles of products. We know we would. But it might be worth it just to frolic inside one for the day. Amazon sells 17 million individual items within 24 hours and runs on a system they refer to as “chaotic storage”. Check out Bored Panda for all the photos of the craziness that is an Amazon warehouse.

8 Ways the the X-Men Movie Continuity Is Irrevocably Fucked (via i09)

X-Men Family Tree

Yes! We’re so glad that someone has done a complete run-down on the ways in which the X-Men movies, particularly Wolverine: Origins and X-Men: First Class do not fit the continuity of the original three films. I.e. the fluctuating ages of Emma Frost, when exactly Professor Xavier became paralyzed and just why they felt the need to remove the best part of Deadpool: his mouth. Not to mention, is Beast a cat monster, an ape monster or a human? At what point does he become Frasier? The whole list can be found on i09.

If “Game of Thrones” Were a CW11 Show There Would Be Just As Much Sex (via Entertainment Weekly)

Who doesn’t love to see some hilarious YouTube mash ups? Besides communists that is. You’re not a communist, are you? ARE YOU? Anyway, since we can’t share this What If “Supernatural” Were a Comedy? video because this is a book website, we offer you What If “Game of Thrones” Were a CW11 Show? Well, there would be less nudity and instead of being a story about fighting over thrones, it would be all about the relationships. Special shout out to our favorite couple Dany/Jorah and to the so wrong it has to be right Tyrion/Lord Varys.

The Fault in Our Stars Gets An Exclusive Edition, Forcing Us to Buy Yet Another Copy (via Barnes and Noble)

TFIOS Quote John Green

Just when you thought you were done buying editions of The Fault in Our Stars (reviewed HERE), there’s a Barnes and Noble only exclusive edition for you to purchase. You might already have one from the bookstore, the one you ordered for your eReader so you could read it at midnight, the copy you got on the TFiOS tour, the special non-signed edition and the audiobook read by John Green, so what’s one more? It will feature special end pages, a silver wrap around cover and a Q&A. SHUT UP AND TAKE OUR MONEY!

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