Around the Interwebs: Volume XIII

Showtime Getting a Dr. Frankenstein/Dorian Gray/Dracula TV Show (via Deadline)

Dorian Gray

Because NBC shouldn’t get to have all the fun with their Dracula series “Dracula”, Showtime is getting a television show named “Penny Dreadful” centered around Dr. Frankenstein, Dorian Gray and Dracula. Apparently they’re the three amigos of the monster world or something. Set in Victorian London, the show claims that it will be the most realistic version possible because the characters all exist in their human forms at the time. So it’s Dr. Frankenstein, Dracula and Dorian Gray before they become vampires, immortal paintings and mad scientists. Gee, that sounds so much better. ::facepalm::

Someone Thinks It’s a Good Idea to Make Homer’s The Odyssey in Space (via I Watch Stuff)

The Odyssey in Space

From Moby Dick in space to The Odyssey in space, we guess the thing that’s all the rage these days are non-science-fiction novels becoming science fiction. Next up: A Tale of Two Spaceships. Copyright Donna Noble. Yet another reason why no book in the public domain is safe. This brilliant idea was inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey and may or may not be a mash-up created in fanfiction Hell. Which would explain why Brad Pitt dropped out and ran far far away to raise a bunch of adopted babies.

Relaunched X-Men Comic Getting All Female Cast of Awesome (via Entertainment Weekly)

All Female X-Men

Hey, a comic full of a female only cast? Sounds awesome. Cue misogynistic comments from males saying it would be better if it had some men in it. You might think that’s a joke, but it’s a real thing that actually happened to author Brian Wood. No lady author Marvel? The comic will feature Storm, Rogue, Kitty Pryde, Psylocke, Jubilee and Rachel Grey (Rachel Summers) who is now the Phoenix but not really. Those Greys and their convoluted back stories. Wood says Jubilee will be the main star of the comic because she’s a vampire now. Maybe we should have tried to keep up with our X-Men knowledge. We know nothing, Jon Snow.

Literary Puns Are So Good We Can’t Think of a Witty Pun to Describe Them (via The Rumpus)

The Brontesaurus Sisters

Puns are pretty awesome on their own. But add in some literary references and they’re some of our favorite puns ever. For example, above you will find the Brontesaurus sisters. Try to suspend your scientific complaints and pretend that Brontosaurus is still the appropriate name for the Apatosaurus. (Get your shit together Google spelling and grammar check.) Other puns featured on the Rumpus include Frankensteinbeck, Vonnugget, Ernest Lemingway, etc, etc, etc. What, no Great Catsby?

Black Milk Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Clothing Is Coming!  (via The Mary Sue)

Black Milk Lord of the Rings Leggings

Have hundreds of dollars lying around? You don’t? Well you’re out of luck because Australian company Black Milk Clothing is releasing their officially licensed Lord of the Rings and Hobbit clothing (leggings, dresses and swimsuits) on January 22nd at midnight EST. Literally on Cassie-la’s 26th birthday. Happy birthday indeed, precious. The line will feature maps of Middle-earth, character specific clothing, the One Ring and everything in between. We’re saving our dosh for a “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” dress.

Figwit Starring In the Stephenie Meyer Produced Austenland– Wait, WHAT? (via Hypable)

Austenland Movie

So apparently Shannon Hale’s Jane Austen inspired novel Austenland was turned into a movie produced by Stephenie Meyer, and it stars everyone’s fan favorite elf/Oscar winner Figwit. Or you know, Bret Mackenzie. Whatevs. He will always be Figwit to us. Also starring Keri Russell (what is this movie!?!), the film which recently premiered at Sundance has a total of 1.3 out of 10 stars on IMDB. That’s 3.3 stars less than a movie written by Dee Snider. And that’s not even a joke. So Austenland, yay.


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    • Oh you mean Colin Firth. ::le swoon:: Just kidding, you’re obviously referring to Prince Caspian, AKA Ben Barnes. The pictures is from his role as Dorian Gray in the 2009 adaptation of the same name. I honestly just used this picture because I knew Colin Firth was in the film.

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