Around the Interwebs: Volume XV

Perfume Inspired By (Not Made Of) Dead Writers (via Book Riot)

Dead Writers Perfume

From the endless materialistic depths of Etsy comes a perfume inspired by dead authors. The perfume can be purchased at SweetTeaApothocary and is described as, “a bookish blend of heliotrope, vetiver, black tea, clove, tobacco musk and vanilla and is supposed to evoke sitting in a library chair paging through yellowed tomes. Book Riot took the idea and ran with it, thinking up what author specific scents would smell like. Thankfully none of them smell like decaying author flesh.

“Game of Thrones” Season 3 Filming in L.A. With a BEAR!!! (via The Mary Sue)

Game of Thrones Care Bear

“Game of Thrones” will be bringing their filming to their fifth country, the States (specifically Los Angeles) to capture a specific scene with a bear, SLIGHT SPOILERS! who may or may not be maiming one of the main characters. Hey, at least George R. R. Martin isn’t killing them, they’ll just get a “little” injured. The bear, who goes by Bart the Bear II will sadly not be wrestling with Jorah Mormont to see who the ultimate bear of the series is. Although a little Iain Glenn on bear action Highlander style would be amazing to watch. Probably not to film.

25 iPhone Themed Fandom Conversations of Awesome (via Hypable)

Merlin and Arthur Text Message Convo

We love hypothetical situations here on Bibliomantics, even more so when they’re fandom related. One of our preferred sites, Hypable put their creative minds together to come up with 25 possible phone conversations that could take place in various fandoms. From Bella telling Jacob to chill out with Renesmee, to Arthur ordering around Merlin, and Haymitch mocking Effie Trinket with pictures of Nicki Minaj, no fandom is left unturned. Except “Supernatural”. Kids these days, with their texting and murder.

John Green Explains the Poetry of Emily Dickinson (via Crash Course)

We love when John Green explains things to us! Why couldn’t he have been our professor for every single class we took in the entirety of our lives? Pipe dreams aside, in this video, John gives a mini-course on the poet Emily Dickinson in he and his brother Hank’s continuing YouTube series Crash Course. Here are the things you will learn: all of Emily’s poems can be sung to the tune of “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke” (seriously), she was obsessed with death to the point of insanity and her punctuation is oftentimes confusing. Bonus: there’s a dalek for absolutely no reason.

Dracula Themed NBC Show Adds “Merlin” and “Games of Thrones” Cast Members (via The Daily Dead)

Nonso Anozie

NBC’s newest show dug up from the public domain, “Dracula” is getting two new cast members. Specifically, Katie McGrath (Morgana from “Merlin”) who will play Lucy Westenra and Nonso Anozie (Xaro Xhoan Daxos from “Game of Thrones”) as R.M. Renfield. In the series, Dracula arrives in London pretending to be American entrepreneur Alan Grayson and plans to exact revenge on someone or other. However, these plans are derailed when he sees Mina, who may or may not be the reincarnation of his dead wife. So. Yeah. Sounds like 10-episodes of WTFery.

Art Inspired By Some of the Best Young Adult Literature (via Flavorwire)


Gallery1988 is known for its pop-culture art shows, having held exhibitions that housed works inspired by Alfred Hitchcock, fairy tales, Bill Murray, video-games, and the Avengers. Now their Melrose based location in Los Angeles is holding a show dedicated to all things inspired by young adult fiction titled merely: “Young Adult”. Pieces include paintings inspired by teen heroines Nancy Drew and Harriet the Spy and series like Goosebumps and Sweet Valley High. A sampling of the work can be found over on Flavorwire.

Make “A Character I Used to Know”, the “Game of Thrones” Song a Reality (via Indiegogo)

With eight days left to fund their “Game of Thrones” inspired music video, the hilarious girls over on Not Literally productions need your help to create a parody of Gotye’s “Somebody I Used to Know” entitled “A Character I Used to Know”. As expected, it will be centered around author George R. R. Martin’s penchant for killing off his main characters. Donations to the ladies can be made through their page on Indiegogo and will help with costumes, sets and props.


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