Around the Interwebs: Volume XXI

There Might Be an American Psycho Musical If You Put Your Money Where That Big Gaping Hole in Your Face Is (via Kickstarter)

American Psycho Musical

American Psycho, the book turned movie is now becoming a musical. SAY WHAT!?! At least in theory if the AP musical Kickstarter raises $150,000 to put the play on in London. Featuring music and lyrics by Spring Awakening’s Duncan Sheik and director Rupert Goold who has done too much to mention (including Macbeth and Richard II for BBC). Rewards include a Patrick Bateman business card flash drive loaded with songs from the musical, art prints, amazing t-shirts with fab one-liners like, “that’s a very fine Chardonnay you’re not drinking” and signed/limited edition copies of the novel. Not to mention, amazing 80’s styled tunes. Is donating something you are? Or is it something you do?

Joe Hill’s NOS4A2 Is Coming Out Tomorrow and WE’RE SO EXCITED YOU GUYS! (via USA Today)

NOS4A2 Art Gabriel Rodriguez

Horror author Joe Hill’s newest book NOS4A2 is coming out tomorrow (April 30th) and we wish there was a sound of excitement we could make to adequately express how excited we are. EEEEEEEEE! No. AAAAAAAAAH! Nope. GLARGH! Nah. Not possible. The story, which made us have to change all our passwords (DAMN YOU JOE HILL) follows a vampire named Charlie Manx who picks up children in his Rolls-Royce Wraith and takes them to Christmasland. Bonus: shiver-inducing illustrations by Hill’s Locke & Key artist/co-writer Gabriel Rodriguez. We’ll be reading with the lights on.

Harry Potter Gets an Honest Trailer But it Could Be Meaner (via ScreenJunkies)

This Honest Trailer from ScreenJunkies is one of our favorites, because it deals with the fabulous book series Harry Potter while simultaneously taking aim at the awful movie adaptations. Featuring, “a magical boarding school where kids learn potions, spells and divination, but not English, math or science” and “where child endangerment is totally no big deal.” Four directors, eight films and two Dumbledores! Check out the video for all the hilarity. And even more Warwick Davis.

Margaret Atwood’s Dystopic Trilogy Will Come to an End With MaddAddam (via BookRiot)

Margaret Atwood Dystopic Trilogy

Following the original dystopic novel Oryx and Crake and the follow-up The Year of the Flood comes the conclusion to Margaret Atwood’s dystopic trilogy- that you may not have even realized was a trilogy- MaddAddam! Sounds like some reading catch-up is in order before the finale hits shelves on September 3rd. Are you excited to see what’s going on in the conclusion of this post-apocalyptic landscape, or were you turned off by the genetically engineered human hybrids and gave up after book one? We refuse to answer that question, quasi-human monsters are always cool in our book.

Comic Book Turned Movie R.I.P.D. Has a Trailer that Looks Like Men In Black (via Oh No They Didn’t!)

When S.W.A.T. team member Ryan Reynolds dies, he is sent to the afterlife and saddled with work in the R.I.P.D. also known as the Rest in Peace Department who are tasked with taking care of the undead who escape judgement. Unfortunately for him, he has a rough and tumble partner played by Jeff Bridges who teaches him everything the hard way. Starring Nancy from “Weeds,” a whole bunch of undead people, that dude from “Prison Break” and an allusion to Dr. Strangelove. It could be awesome, but it could be really terrible. Either way, it’ll get us to finally read the comic.

Fan Art Combines the DC Universe with the Haunted Mansion Ride and the Ghost of Walt Disney is Pissed (via The Mary Sue)

Batman Haunted Mansion

DeviantArtist ArtistAbe combined two awesome things to create this parody fan art: DC’s Batman fandom and the creepy photographs inside the elevator of Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride. Not to be confused with the Eddie Murphy movie of the same name but not the same caliber. Bravo to Abe for not only capturing the darkly comedic feel of the original pieces, but also tying in a perfect Batman mash-up as well. Even better, the artwork now comes in GIF form.

BookRiot Is Trying to Kickstart Their Second Book, START HERE: Volume 2 (via BookRiot)


After successfully funding their first book START HERE in their “reading pathways” series, book website Book Riot decided to have another go at the publishing game with START HERE: Volume 2. Just like the first book in the collection, the second volume will explain to readers how to break into an author’s massive body of work (i.e. where to start). Authors tackled in this volume will include Virginia Woolf, William Faulkner, Ursula  K. LeGuin, Alan Moore and John Green among others. We’re not sure why John Green is included because you really need to just read everything he’s written. To donate or merely to find out more, head over to their Kickstarter and take a literary gander. Gander, gander, gander!


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