Around the Interwebs: Volume XXII

Stephen Colbert and Carey Mulligan Learn All About The Great Gatsby from LeVar Burton and “Reading Rainbow” (via Hollywood)

Stephen Colbert Great Gatsby

“Reading Rainbow” is back! Kind of. Sort of. Not really. To celebrate his super Gatsby themed show, host Stephen Colbert decided to hold a book club (the first rule is you don’t read Fight Club) in which he meant to read The Great Gatsby but then totally didn’t. Colbert invites Carey Mulligan on the show to tell him about the plot, but since she can’t even read and is merely dubbed over by James Franco, LeVar Burton steps in to help with his trusty butterfly in the sky. Head over to the original source to check out all the Gatsby, all the nostalgia, and all the “Star Trek” references.

Maureen Johnson Explores Gender Bias in Book Covers With Her Coverflip Experiment (via The Huffington Post)

Book Gender Coverflip

YA author Maureen Johnson encounters fan complaints that go a little something like this: I love your books, but I feel embarrassed being seen with them in public because I’m a man and the covers are so girly- what gives MJ? To which she replies, I don’t pick the covers and instead my gender determines how they’re designed in the first place. In response to these constant queries, she issued a challenge to her fans, to imagine what book covers would like like if they were written by an author of the opposite gender. Thus, coverflip was born.

“Sleepy Hollow” and “In Wonderland” Pilots Get Picked Up, “The Selection” and “Delirium” Get the Axe (via Entertainment Weekly)

2013 Television Pilots

Two novel-based pilots that are getting a full season order are those based in the public domain. First up is “Sleepy Hollow,” which has Ichabod Crane traveling two-centuries into the future to save humanity from a crime that spans time. Okay then. The second is the “Once Upon a Time” spin-off “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” which follows Alice in Wonderland. The pilots based on dystopian YA novels didn’t fare so well. Apparently not even Uther Pendragon himself, Anthony Stewart Head could save The Selection because CW11 refused to pick up the second attempt at a pilot and the same goes for the fabulously penned Delirium whose adaptation wasn’t loved either.

Tony Stark Sings About His “Suits That Fly” to Justin Timberlake’s “Suit & Tie” (via StarCrush)

Get ready to die of hilarity. This video features Tony Stark singing about his arc reactor, his nemesis the Mandarin and his girlfriend Pepper Potts to the tune of the Justin Timberlake ditty “Suit & Tie.” You would be hard pressed not to get addicted to the chorus: “And as long as I got my suits that fly / Imma put ‘em on and soar tonight / Gonna get messed up if we fight / Gonna blow up a few things.” Don’t forget to keep an eye out for Rhodey as Jay-Z!

Universal Teases Additions to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (via Hypable)

Wizarding World Gringotts Dragon

As we previously mentioned, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (where we’ve spent two LeakyCons) is getting an expansion – including a rolling coaster ride inside the newly built Gringotts! Why they didn’t think to do that to begin with is beyond us since it’s already basically a roller coaster in the book. A higher up for the park said there will indeed be a dragon on top of Gringotts breathing fire, the ride will be a family ride and the new expansion will feature another restaurant, more shops and a working Hogwart’s Express. Check out even more concept art HERE.

Continue to Celebrate All Things Gatsby With Consumerism, Because There Ain’t No Party Like a Gatsby Party (via BookRiot)

Ain't No Party Like a Gatsby Party Shirt
Want to sort of ruin The Great Gatsby film for everyone who didn’t read the book? Then consider buying this t-shirt through It’s fun and informative! To continue your Gatsbying, also check out the book report written by a kid who has only seen the movie (in theory), and then check out the best- in relative terms- Gatsby review on GoodReads. Featuring: The Average Gatsby, The Grape Gatsby and Batgatsby.

3 thoughts on “Around the Interwebs: Volume XXII

  1. […] This blog post imagines what would happen if classic literary characters swapped genders. For example, Catcher in the Rye would become about, “A listless high school student [who] wanders aimlessly around Manhattan, hating everyone and everything…but nobody pays much attention, because she’s probably just having her period.” The Scarlet Letter wouldn’t even get off the ground seeing as the premise would be about, “A guy [who] has sex outside of wedlock. No one finds out and nothing happens.” And then of course there’s the never would have been published Herman Melville tome: Moby Vagina. (See also: the gender bias coverflip.) […]

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