Around the Interwebs: Volume XXIII

Celebrate the Release of The Ocean at the End of the Lane With Neil Gaiman Day (via BookRiot)

Ocean at the End of the Lane

Today marks the release of Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane, his first adult book since 2006’s Anansi Boys. This novel will also mark his last official book tour which gives us so many sads. To get your hands on an autograph, you can also order the Deluxe Edition which is fully illustrated by Gaiman collaborator Dave McKean and looks absolutely gorgeous. To celebrate the best New Book Release Day in a long while, head on over to Book Riot and check out their Neil Gaiman Day posts, from merchandise to international book covers and how to get into Neil Gaiman in the first place. Hint: just pick up a book and read it.

Recovering the Classics Puts Crowdsource Designs on Your Favorite Public Domain Novels (via Recovering the Classics)

Recovering the Classics

Love your classic literature but not so crazy about those hideous covers they come in? You know the terrible ones we’re talking about (coughPenguinClassicscough). Well now in addition to the Barnes and Noble Leatherbound Classics that you love to collect comes Recovering the Classics, a site that takes public domain books, allows illustrators to submit designs and then prints them for you at the Harvard Bookstore. You can even buy the print. The only problem? You may want to buy them all. Gotta catch ’em all, Recovering the Classics! Eh, it needs work.

Sephora Is Getting a Little Mermaid Collection and We Want it Now (via On Wednesdays We Wear Pink)

Little Mermaid Collection Sephora

Up until now we’ve been a tad nonplussed with the Sephora/Disney collection called Disney Reigning Beauties, with attempts made with beauty products for Cinderella and Jasmine, but they may have finally found the princess for us in the Little Mermaid. Aquatic nail polish and eye shadows with gorgeous cases to match? We’re in. One problem, they really missed out on not making a dinglehopper hair brush. Just saying.

Ommegang Brewery Announces Their Newest “Game of Thrones” Beer For the Night’s Watch (via The Mary Sue)

Ommegang Take the Black Stout

With the success of their far too limited Iron Throne Ale (which was delicious by the way) the Ommegang Brewery has announced their next line of “Game of Thrones” themed beer set to be released in the fall, the hilariously named Take the Black Stout. We guess that rumor that each beer would be dedicated to a ruler of the Iron Throne was totally false. Oh well. Winter is coming, Take the Black Stout, my friend.

Cassandra Clare Has Plans to Write a Fourth and Fifth Shadowhunter Series Because of Course She Does (via Hypable)

The Dark Artifices Book Art

Young adult author Cassandra Clare has finished writing one series set in the fictional world of the Shadowhunters (demon hunters with angel blood in their veins), with the steampunk period trilogy The Infernal Devices and she’s basically done with the six books in The Mortal Instruments series, but she really has no plans to stop there. In addition to all this, and a series of short stories called The Bane Chronicles currently in the works, Clare also has a series set a generation after The Infernal Devices referred to as TLH planned, the already announced The Dark Artifices trilogy set five years after The Mortal Instruments and now she says there’s a completely different Shadowhunter arc called only TWP. Jesus Christ, woman!

What Would Happen If Batman Replaced Movie Characters? Part 2 (via Geekologie)

The Bats is at it again, this time entering even more classic and beloved movies and ruining them. Or possibly improving them depending on who you ask. While not necessarily as good as the first offering in the series, there’s still plenty to laugh at, from Batman orgasming in a restaurant in When Harry Met Sally to complaining that if he’s put in Hufflepuff he’s going to kill himself. And let’s not forget that he sees dead people every time he kills someone.

Y: the Last Man Has a Script, a Fables Movie is in the Works and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Got Delayed Again (via i09)

A Dame to Kill For Y: the Last Man Fables

We have good and bad news on the movie front, so let’s get the bad news out of the way first. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (which we’ve been waiting for since the first Sin City movie in 2005) has been pushed back again to August 22, 2014. Meanwhile, Y: the Last Man is the farthest along its ever been with a script and a tease that they would want to do multiple movies if possible. And best of all, Fables, which got pushed off ABC to make way for “Once Upon a Terrible Time” may finally get a movie, with an adaptation currently in the works by The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo‘s screenwriter. HUZZAH!

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