Around the Interwebs: Volume XXVI

The Walking Dead Will Get a Bi-Weekly Release for Six Months and Don’t Worry, Robert Kirkman Does Have an Endgame (via The Daily Dead)

The Walking Dead All Out War

The Walking Dead comic- unlike its TV-show counterpart- has been unfairly good lately, and apparently it’ll get even better with a war-centric 12-issue arc coming out in October that author Robert Kirkman has titled “All Out War.” Even more exciting, the arc will be released with bi-weekly issues for six months straight which has Mark Millar peeing himself in jealousy. As for an ending to the series, while Kirkman doesn’t plan to finish his baby off anytime soon, he does have future arcs and even an ending in mind. If it was worth the years and years of reading will be a completely different story.

Hot Topic Has a Mortal Instruments Clothing Line Because of Course it Does (via Hot Topic)

Hot Topic Mortal Instruments Clothing

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is getting a movie and with a movie comes promotional tie-ins, this time with the “we’re so goth!” clothing company Hot Topic. Who FYI is also owned by the same people who brought you the Gap. All items (which you can check out here) are currently available for pre-order, but will be up for purchase tomorrow, July 8. So ironically head on over to your local mall to get your hands on some rune themed merchandise including jewelry, temporary tattoos and plenty of t-shirts with Jace’s annoying face on them.

The Crow Comic Creator James O’Barr Will Consult on That Re-Boot You’re Worried About (via The Mary Sue)

James O'Barr the Crow

As with most things these days, the cult classic movie The Crow based on the comic book of the same name is getting a re-boot. Because reasons. What separates it from most re-boots however is that the source material’s creator James O’Barr will be a creative consultant. Which makes us slightly less worried that Brandon Lee’s final movie will be ruined beyond all comprehension. Especially because O’Barr promises that the original will remain “a valid work of art.” Here’s hoping!

Matt Fraction Will Be Writing a Gender-Swapped Version of Homer’s The Odyssey (via Comics Beat)

ODY-C Matt Fraction

We already told you about that version of The Odyssey set in space, but that can GTFO because comic book writer Matt Fraction announced a gender-swapped version hilariously called Ody-C. It’s also set in space but not inspired by 2001: a Space OdysseyIt will basically follow our heroine after she returns home from a big space-fight (in Troy?) and will be released in 2014 where it will compete with Image’s other Odyssey-inspired tale Infinite Horizon.

Twitter Creates the Amazing Hashtag #bookswithalettermissing (via Book Riot)

Books With a Missing Letter

Yes, we will admit that we love hilarious literary hashtags on Twitter (see: #literarybars, #NaNoWriMoOpeners, and #LastLinesFromGreatBooks) and our new hashtag obsession is #bookswithalettermissing which is exactly what it sounds like. Our favorite results for this brand new tag include Here’s Waldo, Lord F the Rings (you take it to Mt. Doom, Elrond!) and One Hundred Ears of Solitude. One Twitter user has taken this a step farther, even photoshopping book covers to make them reflect their 140 character or less counterparts. You can check those out here.

You Can Now Explore Diagon Alley on Google Street View… Kind Of (via Mashable)

Diagon Alley Streetview

Google Street View is a magical thing, and now you can even use it to check out Diagon Alley. Unfortunately it’s not the real one because the wizarding world wouldn’t really be down for that but rather the one on the Warner Bros. studio tour in London which takes you around the sets used in those terrible Harry Potter movies. We don’t like them either, but we wouldn’t mind walking around Hogwarts. Because honestly, we never mind walking around Hogwarts.

Red Robin Gets a Wolverine Inspired Menu For That New Wolverine Movie That We’re Hoping Doesn’t Suck (via Superheroes-R-Us)

Red Robin Wolverine Burger

The Hobbits were given their Hobbit food at Denny’s (which we somehow missed) and now Wolverine is getting his very own burger options at Red Robin. The first burger (see above) is the perfectly named Berserker Burger which features a fire-grilled burger topped with zesty aioli, spicy pickles, sriracha onion straws and cheddar cheese on a brioche bun with three claw marks ripped into the top. Use your imagination people. The second offering is the Kuzuri Style Tavern Double which is an Asian-style double burger with samurai slaw, ginger garlic wonton strips, and cilantro. Red Robin… BUB!


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