New Comic Book Day Roundup: August 21, 2013

In this post, from Marvel Comics: Dexter #2 and X-Men #4 and from Vertigo: Fables #132. It’s a very short list this week in terms of quantity, but I got my fill of quantity so I forgive the light offering.

Marvel Comics

Dexter #2Dexter #2 by Jeff Lindsay, illustrated by Dakbor Talajic, cover by Dakbor Talajic
Genre: Fiction, horror, serial-killer, spin-off
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

All things Dexter are coming to an end. The Showtime show has only four episodes left in its eighth and final season and author Jeff Lindsay is ending the novel at seven books with Dexter’s Final Cut (what, no alliteration?) out on September 17th. Which will pretty much leave the comic book as the last bit of the franchise remaining. Particularly weird considering it’s only on its second of six issues and was released just last month by Marvel. Hopefully it will have a definitive ending for the series as a whole. Because I need closure on all fronts dammit!

Issue two finds Dexter in the thick of detective work, with his Dark Passenger fixated on his high school bully turned Saint of Miami, Gonzalez. Since the comics are also by Jeff Lindsay they take more aspects of the book than the show, with Dexter’s Dark Passenger being pushed to the forefront. In the novels, this extra baggage is not merely the baser part of Dexter’s brain but almost a separate entity who whispers things to help out Dex’s slow-moving “lizard brain.” For example that the saintly Gonzalez is crooked. If only the artwork matched the story-telling, then I’d probably be a lot more in love with this series. But when panels are devoted to specific facial expressions but you don’t know what they are it makes it harder to love.

X-Men #4X-Men #4 by Brian Wood, illustrated by Olivier Coipel, cover by Amanda Connor
: Fiction, superheroes, action, adventure
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

For anyone who doesn’t remember, Brian Wood’s 2013 run of X-Men features an all girl team made up of Jubilee, Psylocke, Storm, Rogue, Rachel Grey and Kitty Pryde. You may also know it as that series some people wrongly assumed would be better with more men. Ugh. Anyway, in this issue there’s a little inner team turmoil between Storm and Rachel, with them butting heads over how previous problems in the series were dealt with. But really what I think they should be focusing on is a new name. Like the X-People or the X-Stop-Focusing-On-Gender-We’re-Just-Awesome! Maybe next time?

The entire issue however is stolen by Wolverine, who has taken the day off from running the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning to hang out with his buddy Jubilee (who I swear is wearing Black Milk Leggings the whole issue). Which includes going to the beach but still wearing flannel, playing with a baby who has his own Spider-man bib and investing in real estate, all of which made my heart grow three sizes today. Domesticity never seemed so adorable. Also, who taught Wolverine to use a camera phone? I want to meet that fictional person so I can hug them so hard.


Fables 132Fables #132 by Bill Willingham, illustrated by Mark Buckingham, cover by Joao Ruas
: Fiction, fractured fairy-tale, fantasy, drama
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

I should start off by explaining that Fables and I haven’t been getting along lately. You see, Fables and I had this amazingly passionate relationship, but then it resolved the main plot line with the Adversary and I started to hate it a little bit. Then I loathed it. Then I despised it. Then I kind of liked it again when it proved it still had some tricks up its sleeve. Then in one magical arc loved it all over again like no time had passed. Then I disliked it after the arc ended. I believe that now we are repairing our relationship with one another, but we shall see what happens. For now, we’re good. For now.

When we last left our fairytale favorites, Bill Willingham had pulled a Joss Whedon and offed one of the best characters in the series because we loved them too much. However all hope is still being held that said character will be restored once again. Even though they’re currently shattered into a million pieces. The Lady of the Lake is in town as an ambassador in organizing a marriage between the Blue Fairy and Geppetto and Rose Red is really busy creating a brand new Knights of the Round Table because reasons. She also might totally be Cask of Amontillado-ing someone in the next issue which I am beyond excited for. Welcome back Fables, this time, don’t fuck it up.


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