Around the Interwebs: Volume XXXI

Let’s Have a Moment of Silence for the Batman Franchise (via StarCrush)

Ben Affleck Batman

You’ve probably heard by now that Ben Affleck will be playing the Caped Crusader in the upcoming Man of Steel Sequel. With that in mind, we would like to have a moment of silence for all things Batman.

Good? Good. Sorry Ben, you’re not the hero Gotham needs right now. Or possibly ever.

John Green Will Be in The Fault in Our Stars Movie and This is What Hazel and Augustus Look Like (via Hypable)

Gus Hazel Fault in Our Stars

Sadly, author John Green will not be playing Hazel’s mom in the upcoming adaptation of his novel The Fault in Our Stars, but he will still have a cameo of some kind. Filming begins tomorrow (see a snap of the actors playing Hazel and Augustus above) but there’s no word on how or when Green will appear. We’re assuming he’ll at least have a background or spoken line. Maybe as a Dutch waiter? Maybe as a mall employee? Us? We’re hoping he’ll take on the role of Patrick and spend all his time in the “literal heart of God.” Also, who is playing Peter Van Houten? Is it Woody Harrelson as Haymitch!?!

The Book Thief Has a Trailer Full of Feels (via Jezebel)

The acclaimed young adult novel The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, which is partially about Nazis but mostly about a young orphan’s love of literature and how she secretly spreads it with others is being made into a fabulous looking movie. Based on the trailer alone we’re pretty stoked, one because you know Geoffrey Rush is going to be great and two because even if you’ve never read the book it still makes you want to hug the screen so hard. Narrated by Death, the movie will be out in theatres on November 15.

Margaery Tyrell Cast as Cressida in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay (via USA Today)

Margaery Tyrell

Actress Natalie Dormer, who plays Margaery Tyrell on “Game of Thrones” is continuing her quest of world domination, having now been confirmed for the role of Cressida in the films based on Suzanne Collins’ Mockingjay. If the events of the final books are hazy, Cressida is the director who follows Katniss around Panem filming propos and various propaganda to increase support for the revolution against the Capital. We’re assuming her boobs will have a less prominent place in this series.

Check Out the Awesomeness of the #endersgametaglines Hashtag (via Twitter)

It’s not a very well-kept secret that Orson Scott Card, whose book Ender’s Game is being turned into a movie is a crazy, homophobic bigot. Which we discussed in an entire post. A fact which he made known once again when he went on a rant about Obama and how he’s planning to turn America’s urban youth into a corrupt gang of his own making. In response, author Maureen Johnson created the hilarious hashtag #endersgametaglines, which imagines more accurate tag lines about the soon to be released science fiction film re: crazy person OSC.

A Fables Video Game is On the Way and WE’RE SO DAMN EXCITED! (via The Mary Sue)

Telltale, the video game company who made the widely enjoyed “Walking Dead” game is now making a Fables game and it looks pretty damn awesome. In the game, named A Wolf Among Us, you play as main character Bigby Wolf as he investigates various cases around Fabletown, leading us to believe it’s set when Bigby was still the only Sheriff in town. We can’t wait to see his trench coat flapping in the breeze! Or you know, check out how he turns into a giant wolf.

Road Renamed After Neil Gamain’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane (via Margo’s Musings)

Ocean at the End of the Lane Road

One of the best novels of the year, The Ocean at the End of the Lane is so good that the Neil Gaiman fantasy story officially has a road named after it. You can find the sign (see here via Google Maps) in Portsmouth, England right by Canoe Lake because it has to be by some body of water. It’s near, or rather around 6-miles away from where Gaiman grew up which is even more fitting seeing as the novel is a semi-fictional autobiography. If there are kind witches living around Canoe Lake is another thing entirely.

David Sedaris’ Short Story C.O.G. Is Being Made Into a Movie Too (via Book Riot)

Rejoice David Sedaris fans, because his story C.O.G. from the autobiographical collection of short stories, Naked is getting a movie. Or at least inspired a similar movie. Starring “Pretty Little Liars” actress Troian Bellisario, a super attractive Jonathan Groff and written by Sedaris, we have high hopes for this one. Really high hopes that we will cry about if they get let down. So please don’t let us down!

Someone Turned Their Pocket Watch Into an Alethiometer (via Neatorama)


We need this almost as much as we need a Golden Compass movie that isn’t the worst thing ever. Although looking back it was still better than The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones as far as adaptations go. Bonus: this handmade one is much cooler than the officially licensed one and looks like it’s been used and well-loved by one of our favorite heroines and alethiometer owners, Lyra. We still have all the Will/Lyra feels. ::sobs uncontrollably::


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