Around the Interwebs: Volume XXXIII

J.K. Rowling Will Be Penning a Harry Potter Spin-Off Film Based on Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them (via Jack’s Raging Bile Duct Zap2it)

Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them J.K. Rowling

Since Warner Bros. loves making money they have a brand new idea up their sleeve, a spin-off movie based on J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter companion series Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them. On the plus side, they’re allowing/forcing their House Elf and HP creator J.K. Rowling to pen the screenplay so there’s a chance the companion films won’t be as terrible as the adaptations where Harry Potter and his mother couldn’t be bothered to have the same eye color. Did we mention that Warner Bros. wants to turn this into “films” plural and that an attraction will be added to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter once the film is done? No, because we didn’t have to.

Since Prequel Serial-Killers on TV Are Doing so Good, An American Psycho Sequel Show is On the Way (via Deadline)

American Psycho

With “Bates Motel” and “Hannibal” doing fairly well (buzz-wise if not ratings wise), FX has put an American Psycho sequel into production because why not. The series will follow Patrick Bateman in modern times (now in his mid-50s) as he takes on a young protege to indoctrinate him to his serial-killing, Huey Lewis playing ways. Christian Bale, what are you doing right now? Because if it’s not reprising your role as Patrick Bateman than you’re obviously doing it wrong.

Cassandra Clare Discusses the Amazing News that City of Ashes Filming Has Been Delayed (via Oh No They Didn’t!)

City of Ashes Cassandra Clare

With the colossal blockbuster failure City of Bones tanking at the box office (and in our hearts) news has now leaked that the sequel film City of Ashes- which was approved for production before the release of the first film- has now been delayed. Author Cassandra Clare decided to assure fans that this was merely a delay and not a cancellation, which makes us sad in so many ways but happy at the same time because apparently the script for the movie was barely even near City of Ashes. In other words probably even worse than the first movie. And in case you forgot, don’t blame Clare for the terribleness of CoB, as she explained in the words of Rick Riordan, “Though the movies are based on my books, they are not my movies.”

“Game of Thrones” Is Now An 8-Bit Playable Video Game, Huzzah! (via The Mary Sue)

That amazing “Game of Thrones” Mortal Kombat game we showed you a while back may not have been real, but now there is a “Thrones” game you can play yourself, and this one’s an 8-bit version. Complete with 8-bit covers of the theme song and “The Rains of Castamere.” Also, did we mention that it doesn’t suck like that other ASoIAF game that shall not be named? The game is available for download for free and gives you the option to play as Daenerys, Jon Snow and what the Mary Sue staff are sort of sure are Arya and Tyrion.

The Wicked Movie Musical Is Currently on the Hunt for Directors (via Hollywood)

Wicked Musical

Add the book turned musical Wicked to the list of Oz-themed films that are happening because the well-loved stage play is being turned into a movie musical. Universal is currently looking for directors and apparently have already talked to four: Rob Marshall who directed Chicago, Ryan Murphy from “Glee” and “American Horror Story,” James Mangold who was in charge of Walk the Line and J.J. Abrams who you may know from the Stark Trek reboots, “Fringe” and “Lost.” The Wicked adaptation will join the upcoming Robert Downey Jr. Oz movie sequel to that James Franco thing, another Oz Sequel starring Drew Barrymore called Surrender Dorothy and a Todd McFarlane version which will attempt to turn Lord of the Rings fans into Wizard of Oz fans. Not to mention all those ones planned for the small screen. Ugh.

Hugh Jackman Talks About That Time He Almost Had a Cameo in a Spider-man Movie (via

Wolverine Spider-man

Once upon a time Hugh Jackman almost had a very small cameo in the first Spider-man movie and honestly, that would have made any of the Toby Maguire Spider-man films that much better. In an interview Jackman recalled that he was going to have a very small role, most likely as a background character walking through a shot for a brief second as a joke. Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be because his costume was MIA at the time. Hello, it’s called flannel, jeans, boots and a cigar. Done. Wolverine costume.

This Is What Batman Would Look Like If He Were in Good Will Hunting (via Slash Film)

The one good thing to arise from the ashes of the Ben Affleck cast as Batman fiasco was the jokes. Most recently this re-imagining of Good Will Hunting starring Batman, featuring the amazing line, “You don’t owe it to yourself, you owe it to me. I’d give anything to have what you got. So I wouldn’t have to spend my nights in a dank cave solving riddles with a preposterously large computer. You’re smarter than my really large science cave computer, Will.”

Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl Voted First Book in the Official Tumblr Book Club (via Entertainment Weekly)

Fangirl Rainbow Rowell

Tumblr officially has its own book club, cheekily titled the Reblog Book Club and for its inaugural selection, the group has wisely and fittingly chosen the new young adult novel Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, which is about a fanfiction writer obsessed with fictional boy wizard Simon Snow and his nemesis turned lover (in her slash fiction anyway) Baz. Like a traditional book club, the group has assigned a reading outline for when to talk about what but is allowing those partaking in the group to express their thoughts and feelings in more Tumblr appropriate ways. Love.

Ryan North’s To Be or Not to Be Sequel Title Announced (via Kickstarter)

Romeo and Juliet

The choose your own adventure version of Hamlet, To Be or Not to Be took Kickstarter and the internet by storm and if enough money was raised ($100,000), author Ryan North promised he would write a sequel. The book ended up raising $580,905 so obviously a sequel was on the horizon. The second book in the Shakespeare series will not be a direct sequel to the original but rather another playable Shakespeare novel, this one appropriately entitled Romeo and/or Juliet. North is currently in the process of writing and he expects the “badass” offering to be available in 2014. Get excited!


4 thoughts on “Around the Interwebs: Volume XXXIII

  1. […] Seriously, how many Wizard of Oz sequels and retellings are in the planning phase? Well you can take that number and add another trilogy to the list as Harper Collins has signed a three book and three eBook novella deal for a series being touted as, “The Wizard of Oz meets Kill Bill.” The first book will be titled Dorothy Must Die and finds a girl named Amy in an Oz much changed by its tyrannical ruler Dorothy. The book will be released in April 2014 as well as a prequel novella, No Place Like Oz in November 2013 which will detail the fall of Dorothy herself. […]

  2. […] Good news, Batman has once again snuck his way into classic movie scenes, making them infinitely more ridiculous. Spartacus has never been funnier. This is the third such offering from the group, who also imagined Batman murdering Ron Weasley for incorrectly pronouncing Leviosa in the original video and Batman seeing dead people in part two. We also highly recommend that Batman mash-up where Batman is put into Good Will Hunting. […]

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