Carry on My Wayward Teens: If You Love Supernatural, You Must Read “Unbreakable” by Kami Garcia

Unbreakable Kami GarciaUnbreakable (The Legion: Book 1) by Kami Garcia
: YA fiction, supernatural, Supernatural, mystery, adventure, paranormal scavenger hunt
Rating: 4.13 out of 5 stars

Summary: Kennedy’s an incredible artist with a photographic memory who lives with her mom after her father abandons them. The worst thing going on in her life is that things didn’t work out with her boyfriend….until her mother is murdered and Kennedy is suddenly under attack by vengeance spirits and poltergeists set on killing her too. She runs for it with a van full of teens claiming to be members of The Legion – a centuries old group whose paranormal fighting powers are passed down from generation to generation. They also tell Kennedy that she’s one of them, the missing fifth member. Jared and Lukas are twins and grew up learning to fight ghosts with their father and uncle. Alara was raised by her voodoo loving grandmother and Priest is an actual genius who learned everything he knows from his grandfather. But Kennedy didn’t even know ghosts and demons existed until one killed her mother. As she struggles to fit in and learn as much as she can as fast as she can, she must also battle with herself over this possible new identity. Could she really be special? Or is she just a mistake like her father said before he left? Most importantly, can she be brave enough to help stop a demon and save the world?

So believe it or not, I was directed to this book by Buzzfeed. (And to a lesser extent our book release list.) I didn’t even really need to read this whole list – a YA book recommendation for people who love the TV Show Supernatural? I’m obviously in. This book is pretty much exactly Supernatural except with an actual Scooby gang and with actual girls! With personalities and everything! The book is in first person, told from the point of view of Kennedy who thought she was a mostly normal girl living in a totally normal world – until her mother is killed and all of a sudden her house is being ripped apart by a poltergeist. Luckily, two hot, gun-filled-with-salt-rounds-wielding brothers burst in to save her just in time. Jared (yes, Jared) and Lukas are twins and were raised to be hunters – you know, the family business. Okay except it’s a bit more complicated because actually they are members of a secret society formed hundreds of years ago to stop the Illuminati. The Legion always has five members and the position is passed down from generation to generation.

The first group of Legion-ers made the classic mistake of trying to raise a demon to do their bidding. The inevitable happens where they lose control and that demon – Andras – has been hunting them ever since. Usually they operate in secret, each member only knowing how to contact one other member to keep the demon from finding them. That worked until now – Andras killed all five members at the same time, leaving our group of teens in charge of destroying him and saving the world from evil.

Just to get it out of the way, I’ll start off by saying this book could not possibly earn a perfect 5 out of 5 from me because for some reason Kennedy has to be in an awkward, cheesy love triangle with the hot brothers. It’s pretty annoying, but not annoying enough to ruin the rest of the book so try to ignore these parts and just enjoy the rest! The rest includes the rest of the gang – Alara who knows all kinds of cool voodoo spells and has a cool eyebrow piercing and Priest who is younger than the others, but a complete genius who can make an amazing ghost killing weapons out of pretty much anything, but especially duct tape. The weapons are pretty Supernatural standard – salt rounds and iron, but throws in a lot of other cool stuff that Sam and Dean only wish they had. Too bad they don’t have a super cool super genius on their team! Salt and iron also seem to actually destroy the spirits pretty effectively so we get to skip the time consuming burning the bones part.

There’s a pretty good variety of paranormal creepies for our gang to fight too – vengeance spirits, demons, poltergeists, weird Jewish evil spirits, etc. The settings that the gang travels to have to be some of the creepiest descriptions I have ever read. Terrifying haunted mansions, a well filled with disgusting muck and murdered spirits, a creepy magic shop full of ventriloquist dummies, a terrifying abandoned orphanage, and finally the scariest prison you could possibly imagine. Even scarier than a prison full of zombies and Lori in that stupid white dress. It is legit scary and seriously – hunters are so crazy brave. I wouldn’t go within ten miles of any of these places and they purposefully seek them out!

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book. The characters could really use some snark lessons from Joss/Cassie Clare, but in some ways it wasn’t bad to have some kids who were just really, honestly trying to avenge their families, save themselves, and make the world a safer place. Except for the love triangle, that was completely unnecessary. But the terrifying locations, the fact that pretty much everything in the book is Supernatural, and fast-paced action really make up for those flaws. I highly, highly recommend reading this fun, scary book – with the lights on, of course.

Obviously, this is going to be a series and I’m really excited for more adventures and more demon hunting. The book left a lot of questions unanswered, but I’m not really mad – I think it left off in a great place, I just wish I had more to read right now. I don’t know when Book 2 is coming out, but at least we have Season 9 of Supernatural to keep us company while we wait!

-Horrifying ghosts in terrifying places
-Fast-paced, page-turning action
-Scooby gang
-Everything is Supernatural

-Ugh, stupid love triangle

One thought on “Carry on My Wayward Teens: If You Love Supernatural, You Must Read “Unbreakable” by Kami Garcia

  1. I’ll definitely have to pick this one up! I just got through watching the season nine premiere and I’m already longing for the next episode! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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