New Comic Book Day Roundup: October 30, 2013

In this post, from Dark Horse Comics: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys #5, Vertigo: Sandman Overture #1, Image Comics: Saga #15 and from Marvel Comics: Deadpool Kills Deadpool #4 and Kick-Ass 3 #4. But mostly, OMG NEIL GAIMAN’S SANDMAN PREQUEL IS HERE AND EVERYTHING IS RIGHT WITH THE WORLD!

Dark Horse Comics

Killjoys 5The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys #5 by Gerard Way, illustrated by Becky Cloonan, cover by Becky Cloonan
Genre: Fiction, androids, science fiction, post-apocalyptic
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

In this penultimate issue of Gerard Way’s My Chemical Romance album turned comic book sequel some questions are answered and a resolution is on the horizon but mostly we’re left wondering what the point of all this is. This issue we finally find out (through the spirit known as the Phoenix Witch no less) why the Girl is so important to the revolution and just why everyone either wants her on their side or wants her dead. Also Grant Morrison makes an appearance and is summarily punished for feeling love. Or maybe just gay love. It’s very unclear.

Way also throws some more mythology into the mix and while it’s an interesting and intriguing look at this strange post-apocalyptic world I’m also really hoping that it has something to do with the plot. This time around we learn about the android belief system which they have within a book called the Graffiti Bible. This book tells of an ancestor of theirs, a super robot called the Destroya, who escaped the power supply of Better Living Industries and who will one day return to free them from their oppressors. Destroya is also conveniently a song off the last MCR record because somehow I keep forgetting it was a super concept-y concept album.


Sandman Overture 1The Sandman: Overture #1 by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by J.H. Williams, cover by J.H. Williams
Genre: Fiction, fantasy, prequel, supernatural
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Rejoice Neil Gaiman and Sandman fans of the world because the much blabbed about prequel to the comic series hit is here and it is a thing of beauty. Trust me. First and foremost, J.H. Williams’ artwork and the coloring in this issue is beyond gorgeous. The Book of Destiny (the book within the comic) is cleverly drawn as if you are reading it over the shoulder of Destiny and the humans who find themselves in the Dreaming remain in stark black and white while those aware of what is happening around them are featured in glorious color. Smart style choices.

Fans also get to witness the return, or rather first appearance, of much beloved and reviled characters like the villainous Corinthian who has teeth instead of eyes and has plans to leave the Dreaming and devour humanity, Dream’s quirky goth sister Death, his brother Destiny who is chained to the book about the fate of the universe, Lucien the Librarian and Merv Pumpkinhead. Of course there’s plenty of new twists and turns to delight old and new readers alike but newbies may be confused enough to want to read the original. Which all in all isn’t a bad thing.

Image Comics

Saga 15Saga #15 by Brian K. Vaughan, illustrated by Fiona Staples, cover by Fiona Staples
Genre: Fiction, action, romance, science-fiction
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Brian K. Vaughan’s epic character driven science-fiction series continues to be an entertaining work of beauty. The royal robot family (who has their own royal baby that everyone is tired of hearing about) is still on the hunt for the star-crossed lovers Alana and Marko as are some reporters trying to break the truth all while having their own adorable love story in the periphery. Also looking for them is the Freelancer the Will who seems to have lost his blood lust but not his crazy as he’s been communicating with the ghost of his dead ex-girlfriend the Stalk. Craaaazy.

Meanwhile, Alana, Marko and Marko’s mother are hiding out with author D. Oswald Heist who wrote the propaganda novel  disguised as a romance novel A Night Time Smoke which brought the two together. While there they struggle to figure out how to go on with their lives (Marko’s mother thinks Alana should stop playing housewife and enter the workforce), a particularly difficult task since they’re both wanted fugitives on the run and therefore have no way of seeking employment. Also featuring: blow job jokes and a possible character death that will have you screaming as you turn the last few pages.

Marvel Comics

Deadpool Kills Deadpool 4Deadpool Kills Deadpool #4 by Cullen Bunn, illustrated by Salva Espin, cover by Michael Del Mundo
Genre: Fiction, action, humor, alternate universe
Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Sadly, this finale in the so-called Deadpool Killogy didn’t not have the explosive ending that the rest of the series kept going for so long. Especially in the fabulous Deadpool Killustrated. Instead, it ended with an anticlimactic whimper. My apologies to T.S. Eliot for doing that. In the last issue, Earth-616 Deadpool seeks to end the alternate universe Deadpool (who he dubs Jerkpool) who is killing all the Deadpools across the multiverse in order to free he and his counterparts from being slaves to their fictional natures. AKA the dreaded continuity. As he claims, he is not the villain, he is merely a pawn to the writers who control him. A great idea which could have been executed better.

The only saving grace in the issue is the hilarity of all the alternate universe Deadpools, a “Crisis of Infinite Deadpools” who include Knightpool, Wizardpool, Mustachepool, Ninjapool, Chibipool, Entpool, Mexicanpool and Squirrelpool among others. Also the point when our Deadpool breaks the fourth wall and shouts out, “Good… Bad… We’re the guys with the panda. Now… let’s cut to the damn montage action.” Earth-616 Deadpool’s story will continue in Night of the Living Deadpool out in January. But considering how this series just turned into one big lead-in for yet another Deadpool arc that pits him against some zombies I’m a little reticent about being super excited for that.

Kick-Ass 3 4Kick-Ass 3 #4 by Mark Millar, illustrated by John Romita, cover by John Romita
Genre: Fiction, superheroes, action, violence
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Things aren’t going so good for Kick-Ass and company. Hit Girl is still in maximum security lock up and Justice Forever’s plans to recreate Batman: Year One has gone belly up. When they return to headquarters the Juicer (who bailed on taking down the Genovese gang) is holding auditions for new members and Kick-Ass loses his collective ish and kicks him out of headquarters. Oh, and his lazy girlfriend too. Unfortunately, this doesn’t put him in the best light with the rest of the group and they find themselves with a real life Civil War on their hands as the Juicer promises to take on the role of Kick-Ass’ own personal Magneto.

Meanwhile, as Dave tries to return to a semi-normal life of working out, spending time with ladies and arguing with people on CBR, the evil Uncle Rocco is being the creepiest creep ever. So much so that even the mob wants to take him down because he’s even too evil for them, what with his desires to merge all the gangs into one super gang and his penchant for using a solid gold ice pick to kill people. Don’t worry though, he doesn’t discriminate, and he plans to use his 100th kill with the weapon to take out Hit Girl. Whatever dude, like that’s gonna happen. Bring on the bloodshed.

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