Around the Interwebs: Volume XXXIX

We May Have Found a Shirt That Beats Out “Boo, You Whorecrux(via RedBubble)

Crows Before Hoes

Previously our favorite shirt was the super punny: “Boo, You Whorecrux” (although “Boo, You Horcrux” would be preferable) but that may have been replaced by this hilarious “Crows Before Hoes” shirt available for purchase on RedBubble. Though, wouldn’t “Crows Before Hos” be more preferable since hoes brings to mind gardening implements versus ladies of the night? Semantics aside, either way crows always come before hos and once you take the black you never go back.

Mean Girls Meets The Hobbit in Hilarious “Mean Elves” Parody (via Crushable)

Mean Girls crossed with anything is the best, as Cassie-la’s Tumblr will teach you, but the parody “Mean Elves” is something extra special. In which Legolas’ ears are so big because they’re full of secrets, Thranduil is the Queen B who takes people shopping on his fabulous moose and Gollum keeps trying to make “precious” happen. Also featuring this obvious reference to the hilarious Hunger Games/Harry Potter crossover meme.

The BBC Promoted the New “Sherlock” With a Hearse (via The Hollywood Reporter)

Sherlock Lives Hearse

“Sherlock” is blessedly coming back in January, and to promote the return of the show in the UK, the BBC sent out a hearse to announce the return of Series 3. Love it! The first episode, “The Empty Hearse” will return to the United Kingdom on January 1 (with a January 19 date in the US on PBS, meaning there’s going to be a lot of torrenting going on). We guess it wasn’t deemed as deserving as “Day of the Doctor” for a simulcast. Laaaame!

The Dad Who Vines Exclusively as BatDad Has Another Compilation (via Laughing Squid)

If you haven’t heard of BatDad, he has a series of Vines in which he tortures his family in a Batman mask while speaking in Christian Bale’s Batman voice. And well, it seems like they’re kind of sick of his shit, especially his wife. But the internet isn’t so he’s going to keep doing it. Huzzah! You can check out that hilarity above, which includes a look at Batman’s Batson.

GoodReads Users Have Chosen the Best Books of 2013 and Yet Again We Mostly Disagree (via GoodReads)

GoodReads Awards

GoodReads has finished running its annual Best Books poll, and yet again we found our favorite books losing out. Although we are very glad that The Ocean at the End of the Lane nabbed Best Fantasy, that MaddAddam won Best Science Fiction and that Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park got Best Young Adult Fiction. We have no idea how Clockwork Princess was beat out by Allegiant (a book that was widely disliked) for Best Young Adult Fantasy. But most horrifying of all was that the Beautiful Creatures graphic novel bested Saga, Hawkeye and American Vampire to win Best Graphic Novel/Comic. HOW!?! You can check out all the winners and losers HERE.

Win a Hilarious Cup Contest With the Best Coffee Mug Ever (via Etsy)

Espresso Patronum Mug

Working sure does suck the big one, but you can start your M-F off a little better with this hilarious Harry Potter parody mug that demands: “Espresso Patronum.” We’re assuming when used properly it will dispel your soul sucking boss and/or co-workers in the form of Grumpy Cat. Or if you prefer a more accurate spell-casting mug, there’s always “Accio Coffee” and “Accio Tea.”

Katniss Decides Gale or Peeta in New Song Parody Before Blessedly Choosing Team Katniss (via YouTube)

While this isn’t the Key of Awesome’s best parody video, it still has a few funny moments, so we’re sharing it dammit! The video starts with Katniss trying to choose between Gale and Peeta, despite the fact that she’s trapped in the middle of a revolution in a post-apocalyptic/dystopic society. The real fun starts when President Snow arrives and demands she marry Peeta (who has disguised himself as a tree), Peeta puts on a flaming dress and Katniss realizes she doesn’t need a guy after all.


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