Around the Interwebs: Volume XL

“South Park” Won Television With Their Kanye West/Kim Kardashian Hobbit Parody Episode (via Rickey)

We thought “South Park” could not top their Black Friday/”Game of Thrones” trilogy (which ended in a violent Red Robin Wedding this month), but then in their season finale they had an entire plot revolving around Kanye West trying to convince himself that Kim Kardashian is not a Hobbit. You know, even though she is friends with a wizard named Gandalf, smokes a pipe, sings songs while drinking grog, once killed a dragon with her dwarf friends and has a movie loosely based on her show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” called The Hobbit out. Which is about tiny, loud people living in a fantasy world. We died. You can check out all the Kimye/Hobbit clips over on Rickey.

This Football Player Claims That He Graduated from Hogwarts (via Cheezburger)

Apparently while the sportsball is playing on television, the players occasionally pop up to introduce themselves and tell viewers where they graduated from. AKA who gave them their free ride to school because they’re good at sportsball, not because they will actually appreciate a free education. Well, according to player Greg Hardy (nicknamed the Kraken), he graduated from Hogwarts. Or maybe the Kraken is his alter ego and he’s really just the giant squid that lives in the lake? Headcanon accepted!

Honest Trailers Tackles The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (via YouTube)

The staff behind Honest Trailers have decided to take on the first Hobbit movie, seeing as how the second film in the trilogy is now out. Their gripes include the unnecessary decision to make the shortest book by Tolkien into the longest movie, the even more unnecessary high-frame rate that reportedly made people sick and those darn eagles who yet again could have worked a little harder to get the gang closer to the Lonely Mountain. Not to mention Thorin Oakenshield, AKA not Viggo Mortenson and the Precious, based on the novel Push by Sapphire.

Sh*t Rough Drafts Sounds Like a Hysterical Book We Need to Read (via Tumblr)

Shit Rough Drafts

Books that sound awesome and we’re hoping are just as hysterical in theory as they are in execution: Sh*t Rough Drafts, which imagines what the first draft of classic literature, screenplays and modern books might have looked like. For example, first drafts of Harry PotterMacbeth, The Lord of the Rings, Moby Dick and Star Wars! (Ugh, this book needs to be good.) Sh*t Rough Drafts is currently available for pre-order and will finally be released on April 15, 2014.

Sir Ian McKellen Meets His Gandalf Puppet Doppelganger (via Jezebel)

Ian McKellen Puppet Gandalf

What would happen if Sir Ian McKellen met a puppet version of himself (otherwise known as Gandalf because Ian McKellen is Gandalf) on “Sesame Street”? Well according to this Vine, he would demand to pass and then hilarity would ensue. You can check out the video over on Vine because God forbid WordPress allow us to embed anything. The worst.

This is What the X-Men Would Look Like in the Middle Ages (via Laughing Squid)

Lord Xavier Medieval Times

Ever wonder what the X-Men would look like if they were fighting supervillains during the medieval period? Or maybe if they were on “Game of Thrones”? You probably haven’t, but just in case you have, artist Nate Hallinan has created a series of illustrations called the Order of X which imagines just that. You can check out all the members of the Order of X and buy the prints over on INPRNT, including: Wolve’rune, Lord Xavier, Stormbringer, Lady Grey and more!

Even Better Than That, Here Are Disney Princesses as Star Wars Characters (via The Mary Sue)

Frozen Star Wars

In other fun interpretations of Disney princesses (see also: Disney princesses as benders and Disney princesses as can-can dancers), here’s what various Disney ladies would look like as Jedi, Sith Lords and a variety of other non-magical Star Wars characters. Meaning always bad ass if not occasionally encased in carbonite. Poor Sleeping Beauty just can’t catch a break.


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