Joseph Gordon-Levitt Confirms He Will Produce “Sandman” Movie

Sandman Death

Sandman is finally coming to the big screen with help from Man of Steel and Dark Knight screenwriter David Goyer and the film’s producer: Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Say what!?!

JGL has also been rumored to direct and star as the title character Morpheus in the project, but so far he’s only admitted to a producing credit.

As he wrote on Twitter of the turn of events:

This wouldn’t be the first Sandman attempt that was made, there was a failed movie in the ’90s as well as a failed television show several years ago.

And something tells us it won’t be easy to turn the 75-issue comic book opus (released between 1989 to 1996) into a movie this time around either. Although we could be totally wrong.

Sandman was originally published by Vertigo and followed Morpheus, the ruler of dreams and his various family members the Endless, specifically: Death, Destiny, Delirium, Desire, Destruction and Despair.

If you have yet to read the series, GET ON THAT RIGHT NOW. And then check out the equally amazing prequel.

(via NY Daily News)


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