Ommegang Invites Fans to Pick the Fourth “Game of Thrones” Beer

Tyrion Drinking Ommegang

Ommegang has already put out two “Game of Thrones” beers (Iron Throne Ale and Take the Black Stout) with a third coming out in the Spring of 2014 called Fire and Blood Red Ale. And now the brewery is allowing fans to pick the fourth beer in the line.

The current poll is between four choices (which you can check out in more detail under the cut) specifically: Valar Morghulis, Hand of the King, Seven Kingdoms and Khal.

What!?! No Mother of Flagons!?! You need to work on your puns Ommegang, Take the Black Stout was an inspired name.

You can make your vote on the “Game of Thrones” Facebook page in the next 72 hours (give or take), just remember to choose wisely.

The newest beer will be available for purchase in the Fall of 2014 with an announcement sometime in the Spring. Don’t forget to check out all the beer options below.

1 – Valar Morghulis – Dubbel – Valar Morghulis is an Old Valyrian saying closely associated with the desire for vengeance. Thus, a Belgian-style Dubbel was chosen to capture the sweetness of revenge as well as the dangerous consequences that come with it.

2 – Hand of the King – Quadrupel – The responsibility of running a kingdom can only be matched by the complexity of a Belgian-style Quadrupel ale. Rich in flavor and dark in color, a Quad is the perfect companion for waging war, brokering peace, or enduring a Small Council meeting.

3 – Seven Kingdoms – Tripel – The golden Tripel is the universally agreed pinnacle of Belgian brewing achievement, making it the perfect beer to represent the legacy of the Seven Kingdoms. Though supremely drinkable, the Tripel comes with a spicy character that represents the sordid events of the history of Westeros.

4 – Khal – Quadrupel – The Dothraki people, like the Belgian-style Quad, are the strongest of the strong and Boldest of the bold. Quads rest atop the pyramid of Belgian beer because of their strength, so this style makes a fitting tribute to the men that rule the mighty Khalisars of Essos.

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