Around the Interwebs: Volume XLI

There’s a Hilarious Rap Version of the “Misty Mountains” Song From The Hobbit (via Topless Robot)

We’ve posted our fair share of nerdy rap songs (including that amazingly epic “Game of Thrones” birthday rap), but you can never have enough, so here’s a rap version of “Misty Mountains” from The Hobbit. If Thorin Oakenshield explaining that his back story is as dark as the beard on his face doesn’t excite you, we just don’t know what will. Bonus: there is a super sexy dwarf in this version too. And rapping Gandalf. So much rapping Gandalf.

Check Out These Beautiful Nerd Aprons You’ll Be Afraid to Cook In (via The Mary Sue)

Bambino Amore Geeky Aprons

We have found the best and nerdiest aprons in existence, and they can all be found in the Etsy shop Bambino Amore, which combines gorgeous pin-up aprons with ultimate geekery. There are selections for every fandom, including: “Doctor Who,” DC Comics (Batman, Wonder Woman), Marvel Comics (Wolverine), “Legend of Zelda” and even some “She-Ra!” And if none of that strikes your fancy, they do take custom orders. Perfect for daily use or just some awesome cosplay, although daily use may be a tad messy.

There’s Nothing Bloodier Than a George R. R. Martin Christmas (via Dorkly)

George R R Martin Christmas

Christmas may have ended four days ago, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to read this hilarious George R. R. Martin is mistaken for Santa comic from the fine folks at Dorkly. In the comic (which you can read in full over HERE) a young boy is convinced author GRRM is Santa and shenanigans ensue. Albeit bloody shenanigans. Valar Morghulis. Erm, we mean Merry Christmas.

Here’s a Bunch of Literary Mash-Ups We Wish Were Real (via S.G. Browne)

To Kill a Mockingjay

Literary mash-ups used to be all the rage, so we were super stoked to read these hilarious mash-up suggestions from author S.G. Browne who wrote all this amazing stuff. Suggestions include The Goodnight Moon Also Rises, The Perks of Being Lord of the Flies, The Old Man and the One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, To Kill a Mockingjay and more! Even better, the hypothetical mash-ups come complete with hilarious back copy. Check them all on his blog HERE.

Black Milk Clothing Has a Batman Line of Awesome Coming Out (via Fashionably Geek)

Black Milk Batman Swimsuit

Since the Australian clothing company Black Milk continues to want us to give them our money, they are currently working on a brand new Batman line that includes this bathing suit (which is rumored to have a detachable cape). And based on some photos from their 4th birthday party, we can expect plenty of Joker, Poison Ivy and even more Batman-related options to choose from. Huzzah!

Gandalf Tells a Tram It Shall Not Pass So the Fellowship Can Get Through (via Laughing Squid)

So yeah, this is nothing new (Gandalf has also been telling people they shall not pass in Central Park among other places), but this man dressed like Gandalf stopping a tram car is still funny. Especially because not only does he stop the tram, but stops it so people dressed like the Fellowship can run past to safety. Make sure you stick around to the very end to get a glimpse of the most frightening Gollum ever.

You Can Own a Real Life Batman Utility Belt and Batarang (via Comics Alliance)

Batman Utility Belt Batarang

Vintage Batfans, you can now own your very own replica displayable and wearable Batman utility belt from the 1966 “Batman” starring Adam West. That’s right, it’s wearable and comes with its very own Batarang. Although we wouldn’t necessarily recommend trying to use it as a real weapon. Thanks Mattel! Said belt and Batarang is currently retailing for $125.00, which is pretty steep if you ask us. Albeit fashionable. If that’s in your price range though, what’s to stop you? BUY IT Bruce Wayne!

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