“Game of Thrones” Season 4 Gets a Premiere Date, Trailer Release Date + Vines!

So much “Game of Thrones” news today!

Not only will the show’s fourth season premiere on April 6th, the very first Sunday in April, but the first trailer will air this Sunday on HBO at 8:58 p.m. right before True Detective.

And to tease us between now and then (more so than that brief teaser from December) they’ve released some Vines from said trailer.

The short video clips include Jon Snow versus some Wildlings, another possible battle at the Wall, the Red Viper Battling the Mountain!!!, Daenerys being pensive (WHY IS SHE PENSIVE, IS IT BECAUSE SHE DID THE THING!?!) and Tyrion in shackles previously seen in that first look.

You can watch those over on Hypable because WordPress seems to hate embedding Vines!

That only leaves the question of why the release date has been pushed so far back remaining.

Apparently it’s all “The Walking Dead” finale’s fault. You may remember that last year Season 3 premiered on the same night as “The Too Much Talking Dead” Season 3 finale which drew away some viewers.

In order to avoid that, “Thrones” will be airing after “The Walking Dead” has finally wrapped for the season.

Makes sense.

Are you excited yet? We’re super excited.

(via Hypable)

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