Twitter Reactions: This is What Happens When J.K. Rowling Admits She Thinks Hermione Should Have Ended Up With Harry

Harry Potter Ron Angry

Once upon a time (yesterday to be precise) author J.K. Rowling set the Harry Potter fandom ablaze when she said she regrets having Hermione marry Ron and that it should have been Harry and Hermione all along.

Enter the complete and utter breakdown of the internet.

Thankfully, we’re here to compile the best reactions for you from around the web. Twitter to be precise. You’re welcome. And to those of you going down with your ship — whatever side you may be on — we salute you.

As a special bonus, please enjoy wizard wrocker Alex Carpenter’s acoustic song “The Shipping Wars” which you can listen to HERE.


4 thoughts on “Twitter Reactions: This is What Happens When J.K. Rowling Admits She Thinks Hermione Should Have Ended Up With Harry

  1. Lovegood and Longbottom Magical Detectives has utterly broken me simply by not existing. Thanks a friggin’ lot, reality.

    I actually think shippers who ship outside the Trio, such as myself (though I’m down for them in the polyamorous way, natch), benefited the most from this situation. By which I mean I popcorn.giffed my way through the whole thing. My favorite thing about it, aside from watching a fandom faction that has often historically been self-righteous and overbearing tear itself to bits (guess which), was the Word of God-acknowledged possibility that the epilogue might actually have been a steaming crock of Hippogriff poo. It’s not that I hate the characters getting married and having babies. It’s that the text implies that said (heterosexual!) marriage and having of babies was the path to ultimate happiness for the entire cast. $&%* that. (Are we allowed to swear here?)

    Of course, Jo implying that Hermione’s husband might have been the only element she wanted to change is really no better, but one can dream. I liked seeing the cast-iron canon being shaken up there, in any case.

    Hearts to your blog.

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