Don’t Worry, Neil Gaiman’s “Anansi Boys” is Getting an Adaptation Too

Anansi Boys

In addition to American Gods landing an adaptation (not to mention Sandman), Neil Gaiman has gone on record to say that the BCC is making the American Gods sort of spin-off Anansi Boys into a mini-series.

If a refresher course is necessary, Anansi Boys follows the sons of trickster Mr. Nancy from American Gods as they discover the existence of one another. As expected, shenanigans ensue.

Don’t they always?

Said creator Neil Gaiman in a statement about this happy-making news:

Other TV news also came to fruition today, although I do not have anywhere to link you to, so you will have to take my word for it: Anansi Boys is going to be made into a TV miniseries in the UK, by RED, for the BBC.

Yes, I’m really thrilled about both of these things. Freemantle has the harder task, as they are going to have to open up American Gods into something bigger than the book.

Red are just going to have to make an absolutely brilliant faithful version of Anansi Boys.

Godspeed BBC, and don’t fuck it up!

(via: The Mary Sue)

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