Around the Interwebs: Volume XLV

Shit Rough Drafts the Book Gets a Hilarious Trailer (via Shit Rough Drafts)

So there’s a book coming out called Shit Rough Drafts, or to be less indelicate: Sh*t Rough Drafts, which re-imagines what original drafts for books and movies might have looked like with a satirical twist. In the trailer, F. Scott Fitzgerald and his agent talk about his novel The Cool Gatsby. We personally were all for The Great Glartsby. The actual book (complete with more drafts) will be available for purchase on April 15.

Read an Excerpt from Laini Taylor’s Dreams of Gods & Monsters – OH MY GOD! (via Entertainment Weekly)

Gods and Monsters Laini Taylor

The final book in Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke & Bone trilogy, Dreams of Gods & Monsters is coming to a bookstore near you on April 8th, but you can read an excerpt now on Entertainment Weekly. Sure it’s only the first sixteen pages, but the chapter is called “Nightmare Ice Cream” so we find no fault in that.

Here’s Harry Potter as Told By People Who Have Never Actually Read Harry Potter (via Jezebel)

Hard to believe, but there are some people out there who have yet to read any books in the Harry Potter series or watch anything in the painful movie franchise. Thankfully for us, these people were interviewed to see what they thought the boy wizard was all about. To summarize: Harry had a Z drawn on his forehead by a monster before being taken in a wagon to magic school with Gandalf. Where he promptly died. You can watch all the hilarity above.

Readers Match Books Up to Their Body Parts for Awesome Results (via The Mary Sue)

Book Body Parts

Move aside internet memes, because there’s a literary one in town and it involves matching your own body parts up to those on book covers. You can check out all the amazing photos (submitted by users around the world) on the Tumblr Corpus Libris. Ah, we see what you did there.

Check Out These Gorgeously Re-Designed DC Superheroes and Villains (via Tumblr)

DC Characters Re-Design

Sometimes there’s nothing like a fun superhero and supervillain re-design courtesy of the internet. The newest offering is from jigokuen, who designed the DC characters in fun and funky street clothes with a 90’s feel. You can view the entire re-design over on Tumblr. Looking good ladies, looking good!

Geek Love is 25 Years Old and Inspired All Your Favorite Things in Pop Culture (via Wired)

Geek Love Characters

Katherine Dunn’s amazingly inventive novel Geek Love about a family of radioactive and inbred circus folk is in the midst of its 25-year anniversary, and to celebrate, Wired wrote an article about everything the book inspired with its publication. If the article is a tad TL;DR for you, here a rundown, the novel inspired: Karen Russell, Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kurt Cobain, Monty Python member turned director Terry Gilliam and Harlan Ellison. Not to mention that Henry Selick and Tim Burton wanted to make it an animated movie and even Lana and Andy Wachowski convinced Warner Bros. to buy the books permanent rights (in order to make a movie directed by Tim Burton). So what we’re saying here is: if you have yet to read it, you should get on that.


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