Anne Rice Announced a Sequel to “The Queen of the Damned” and Our Teen Selves Just Died of Happiness

Lestat Louis

Perennial vampire writer Anne Rice may have taken a brief break from writing about our favorite blood suckers to pen stories about Jesus or something, but thankfully almost a decade later she announced she’s returning to her beloved Lestat.

The newest novel, entitled The Prince Lestat will be available for purchase on October 28th, which really is the best Halloween present we could ask for.

Let’s just hope it’s as good as the first three novels and not as terrible as the later ones. Don’t even get me started on Memnoch the Devil because what even was that?

So what will the book even be about? Rice revealed that said tome serves as a sequel to the original five books in the series and is mostly “about Lestat and the other vampires… and what they are doing right now.”

Suffice it to say everyone is back (including the Talamasca but maybe not the witches) and they want the Brat Prince as their group leader.

Anne also promised that there would be a sequel to The Prince Lestat — as this is the first in a new series — tentatively titled Blood Paradise.

Can it just reboot everything after Queen of the Damned please? Especially everything in Blood Canticle.

(via: Oh No They Didn’t)

5 thoughts on “Anne Rice Announced a Sequel to “The Queen of the Damned” and Our Teen Selves Just Died of Happiness

  1. Anne Rice should seriously consider doing a reboot.Its for the best! Start Afresh but a some serious changes like Akasha being as powerful as she is not to die so fast but like in Dracula Untold be the shadow following Lestat everywhere he goes. Take up CW’s TVD star Kat Graham to act as Akasha the vampire,she’s up for the task and wants to make her mark with more impact in Hollywood! Everything has a key centre on Akasha the first and most powerful vampire,Amel the blood demon and Lestat former love interest of Akasha! Killing the core of the story so early is the worst thing to ever do! Akasha can die later in the latter films of her novel series!

    • I’m sorry but Kat Graham should definitely not be Akasha. And I don’t think there would be another actress to play Akasha since the death of Aaliyah.

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