Not My Fandom: Cassie-la Attempts to Figure Out “The Maze Runner” Despite Having Never Read It

Maze Runner PosterWelcome back to another Not My Fandom, in which I attempt to take what is sure to be the newest upcoming pop-culture trend and try to figure out just what it’s all about. Without having ever read the source material.

It’s like the worst kind of experiment where all my facts are gleaned solely from Tumblr.

My very first attempt worked out super well for Divergent (except probably not, I actually have no idea) so I thought I’d take another stab with The Maze Runner.

AKA yet another book on my very very large “to eventually read” list. Hashtag bibliophile problems.

So without further ado — and with my sincere apologies to the entire fandom — let’s see what this Maze Runner fuss is all about. Via someone who knows next to nothing about it. Dammit internet.

Our heroes live in a dystopic society where children are kidnapped and sent to live outside of a giant maze in an area called the Glade for reasons. To appease the Gods? For a good harvest?

Maze Runner Glade

Either way, I guarantee you there is definitely a minotaur somewhere in that labyrinth.

Anchorman 2 Minotaur

It’s kinda like The Hunger Games. But for boys. You know, because they both feature frightening journeys via elevator.

Maze Runner Elevator

No, not that elevator. The other one.

Johanna Mason Elevator

In the kids’ free time (when they are not sending runners into the maze to find a way to escape) they’re super busy building really accurate scale models.

Maze Runner Model

This guy is our protagonist Stiles. Sometimes he’s a Teen Wolf, but not the kind that plays basketball in the 1980’s, the super sexy kind that teen girls love.

Stiles GIF

His love interest is Kaya Scodelario (AKA Effy Stonem, sister of Nicholas Hoult). They have some back story.

Effy Stonem GIF

Unfortunately for her, she’s the only girl in all of the maze running. For her sake, I hope things don’t take a strange It style turn for the orgy.

Maze Runner GIF

Also there? The annoying ginger from Love Actually who became Jojen Reed. AKA The Maze Runner‘s exposition man. Good work Legolas.

Maz Runner GIF

And even though obviously the real enemy is whoever trapped them here for reasons that must involve a twist ending, the biggest dick of the movie is definitely this guy on the left. Go back to We’re the Millers!

Maze Runner GIF

That’s it. That’s The Maze Runner.



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