“The Giver” Now Has a Movie Trailer That Seems to Miss the Point of “The Giver”

Don’t get us wrong, we loved Lois Lowry’s The Giver back in the day (and even when re-reading the Giver Quartet recently) but there is something decidedly lacking in this trailer.

Is it because the dystopic society doesn’t really look futuristic or dystopic enough? Is it because of Jeff Bridges weirdo voice? Is it because Jonas is the hottest Twelve to ever Twelve? Or his decidedly not pale eyes?

Is it because in the community everyone sees in black and white to give off the idea of equality and sameness and the film doesn’t even bother to mute color at all? (Take a tip from Pleasantville guys.)

Or maybe it’s just super boring and does nothing to make us want to rush out to and see this adaptation.

You be the judge.

The Giver will arrive in theatres on August 15th.

(via: Crushable)


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