Mark Gatiss Teases That He May Be Penning a “Doctor Who” Jane Austen Episode

Billy Piper Mansfield Park

Mark Gatiss — who helps write the far superior Steven Moffat show “Sherlock” — will be writing two episodes for the brand new Doctor Peter Capaldi, and now he’s hinting that one of those may be centered around Jane Austen!

Fuckity yeah!

Please don’t just be teasing us Mark Gatiss, we really need a good “Doctor Who” episode, it makes us sad that we’ve started referring to it as “Doctor Who Cares?”

“One of the things which new “Doctor Who” sort of invented was the idea of a celebrity historical – Charles Dickens, Agatha Christie, Winston Churchill, Shakespeare,” Gatiss explained in a recent interview. “There’s three writers there so I think Jane Austen stands quite a quite a good chance actually.”

He went on to joke, ” I’m not quite sure what the adventure would be. Maybe an alien posing as Mr Darcy.”

Hmmm… Yeah, we would watch that.

(via: The Mary Sue)


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