This Perfect “Game of Thrones” Parody Album “Shame of Tones” is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Remember that “Game of Thrones” rap album no one wanted or asked for that you already blocked out? Well there’s a much better “Game of Thrones” album now called “Shame of Tones” which is the best kind of April Fool’s Day present of all time.

Read: it’s hilarious, awesome and not just an idea that we can’t enjoy. It’s real people! This is not a drill!

We’re slightly partial to “Lannista’s Paradise,” although we have to say the real winner is “Total Eclipse of House Stark.” Followed shortly by Pearl Jam’s “Even Flow” which only has one lyric: Hodor!

The albums offerings include:

  1. “Another Dick on the Wall” (a parody of “Another Brick in the Wall”)
  2. “Arya Gonna Make Them Pay” (“Are You Gonna Go My Way”)
  3. “Dr****s in Essos” (“Ni***s in Paris”)
  4. “Even Flowdor” (“Even Flow”)
  5. “Lannista’s Paradise” (“Gangsta’s in Paradise”)
  6. “Red Wedding” (“White Wedding”)
  7. “Total Eclipse of House Stark (“Total Eclipse of the Heart”)

You can download the entire album FOR FREE HERE. Praise the seven!

(via: The Mary Sue)

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