Around the Interwebs: “Game of Thrones” Season 4 Edition

Even though winter is taking its sweet time getting to Westeros (not to mention those White Walkers and certain dragons) Season 4 arrives today! Celebrate the premiere with these Season 4 specific offerings from around the internet.

The “Game of Thrones” Honest Trailer Has All the Boobs and All the Death (via Rickey)

Honest Trailers is finally taking on “Game of Thrones,” the show based on “fiction’s most notorious serial-killer” George R. R. Martin’s book series. The trailer humorously takes aim at the show’s sexposition, hard to keep track of eight billion person cast and how no one who is in any way related to Sean Bean is safe. Except for Faramir, that guy is immortal. Dude lived through 300. And no one lived through 300.

We Cannot Stop Listening to This Auto-Tuned Musical Tribute “The Dragon’s Daughter” (via Laughing Squid)

The group Melody Sheep has gone ahead and turned “Game of Thrones” into a super addictive musical complete with offerings from Daenerys Targaryen, the Night’s Watch, Syrio “Not Today” Forel and a whole slew of others. With a whole lot of help from auto-tune. Thanks auto-tune, we love you.

Here Are All 5,179 On-Screen Deaths Set to Fun Music (via Sploid)

If there are two things “Game of Thrones” has in abundance, it’s sex and violence. Here’s the violence end, with a super-cut of all 5,179 on-screen deaths set to the not all that appropriate (but super amusing) “Put on a Happy Face.” The Red Wedding has never been so cheery. And if the death toll sounds crazy, most of these are from the Battle of Blackwater.

College Humor Attempts to Recap Seasons 1 to 3 of the Series (via Hypable)

Sir Richard Carlisle

Failing completely at recaps is College Humor, who gets names, events and characters completely wrong to the point where it devolves into the most ridiculous mess imaginable. Remember when Jimmy Lannister is killed and gets turned into candlesticks and Danny Tanner saves those three dragons from that mill fire, all while completely unaware that Sir Richard Carlisle is madly in love with her? Or that time the show went to Mordor and Tatooine? Us either. Regardless, we hope Richard Carlisle and Madmartigan defeat the witch in time. You can watch the non WP embeddable version HERE.

Try Not to Sing-Along to This Nightmare Before Christmas Parody “Who’s This?” (via Tastefully Offensive)

This adorably animated video combines the song “What’s This?” from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas and gives it a Westeros spin with our narrator singing about Seasons 1 to 3 of the hit HBO show. The blood! The screams! They’re everywhere and all around!

You Can Help Bring Down This Statue of King Joffrey (via The Mary Sue)

Bring Down the Joffrey Statue

In the strangest series tie-in, SKY TV in New Zealand has constructed a King Joffrey statue which you can help topple by tweeting the hashtag #bringdowntheking. The more the tag is tweeted the more a rope tied around the statue will pull before Joffrey comes crashing down. And it’s all being live-streamed HERE.

For Some Reason Quiznos Created This Hilarious “House of Cards” Mash-up (via New Now Next)

Apparently Quiznos has a parody website, and they used it to send “House of Cards” villain Frank Underwood to Westeros to take over the seven kingdoms and kill everyone who lives there. Special props go out to this actor’s Kevin Spacey impression and his not so subtle Quiznos product placement during the Purple Wedding. Can “House of Thrones” be a thing now?

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