John Green’s “Fault in Our Stars” Cameo Was Cut from the Theatrical Release

John Green Swingset

Oh no, looks like John Green won’t be in the theatrical release of The Fault in Our Stars after all! Now we’re sad pandas.

Green revealed the news in a recent interview, admitting that his cameo was one of the scenes that hit the cutting room floor because “it just didn’t work.”

Don’t cry for John Green though, he admitted he was pleased by the decision. As he explained, “I was hugely relieved when I got the call when they had cut the scene. I was terrible. Terrible.”

No worries though fans, the film’s director says they’re currently working on an at home extended edition which will allow people to see the terrible terrible scene in question.

As for the scene itself, Green revealed:

“It’s from the scene in the book when it was intended to show how children approach someone with a disability, instead of getting nervous and anxious. That’s not always true, but it’s sometimes true. So this girl comes up to Hazel and asks to see her nasal cannula, and the mom in the book says, ‘I’m so sorry.’ They moved the scene around to a different place in the story and made the mom into a dad so I could have a cameo.”

We guess we’ll just have to wait a little longer to see Green’s acting debut.

(via: Hypable)


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