New Comic Book Day Roundup: May 21, 2014

In this post, from Image Comics: Saga #19 and from Vertigo: American Vampire: Second Cycle #3. To sum it up, some pretty damn good series.

Image Comics

Saga 19Saga #19 by Brian K. Vaughan, illustrated by Fiona Staples, cover by Fiona Staples
: Fiction, action, romance, science-fiction
: 4 out of 5 stars

Brian K. Vaughan’s hilariously written and beautifully illustrated character driven science fiction series has once more returned after a brief four month hiatus with a brand new story to tell! Or, well, the same story but a little more forward in time. This issue details the childhood of baby Hazel, a baby born between soldiers from the warring nations of the planet Landfall and the moon Wreath and their attempts to escape both powers who want them dead. Our heroes are hiding out on the planet of Gardenia, the home to the Open Circuit, a sort of underground television network that you beam into your brain but experience as if you’re in a theatre watching a play. Oh yeah, and there’s also some appearances from a walrus/hippo hybrid named Friendo and a repair witch. The usual.

In addition to Hazel’s family, it also looks like we’ll be getting more information about the dwarf planet known as the Robot Kingdom, who sided with Landfall during the war. Either that or Brian K. Vaughan decided to open the issue with a robot vagina for absolutely no reason. When we last left the robots, Prince Robot the IV was missing and  a new robot was being born into the world. But what does this mean for our heroes? And could it have anything to do with the disastrous consequences hinted at by our now grown narrator Hazel in the last panel? I’m such a sad panda right now. Here’s hoping the newest six issue arc won’t be the most depressing thing ever.


American Vampire Second Cycle 3American Vampire: Second Cycle #3 by Scott Snyder, illustrated by Rafael Albuquerque, cover by Rafael Albuquerque
: Fiction, vampires, horror, action
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

As with Saga, Scott Snyder’s horrifying vampire series American Vampire is also on another cycle of storytelling (albeit its second cycle) after a brief hiatus so Snyder could work on his new Image series The Wake. Or something. No worries though, we’re still following the story of Pearl, made by antagonist and the first American Vampire: Skinner Sweet. Issue #3 picks up right where #2 left off, with Pearl taking in and relocating lost and hunted vampire children and trying to protect them from a mysterious evil known as the Trader who may have created the First Ones.

The best part of the issue however isn’t all the back story, but the reunion between Pearl and Skinner, who really need to share all the issue time from now on. These two are so fabulous together. Even if they haven’t seen each other in ten years since the tragic (and sometimes sexy) events of cycle one. Skinner has arrived to warn Pearl of the incoming threat which seems to know of her existence. A threat that may be coming from below if the text and cover are any indication. To borrow a phrase from another vampire series: from beneath you it devours. Once this story picks up it sounds like it’s going to be a crazy one.


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