Marissa Meyer’s “Lunar Chronicles” is Getting a Fifth Book Called “Fairest”

Fairest Marissa Meyer

The young adult, science fiction, fractured fairy tale series The Lunar Chronicles was only supposed to be a four book series comprised of Cinder, Scarlet, Cress and Winter, but now the series is getting a fifth book.

And for once we’re totally cool with that!

The newest addition in question will be entitled Fairest and is a prequel story centered around the nefarious Lunar Queen Levana, who was inspired by the Evil Queen from Snow White.

Meyer says that the story will follow Levana from age 15 to 25 (ending a decade before the beginning of Cinder) and will explain just how Levana got to be so evil.

As Meyer herself revealed, “she’s showing signs of crazy, but in large part that’s because she’s grown up in a really poisonous household and she has a very cruel older sister who’s been mentally and physically abusive to her her whole life.”

“By the time she’s 15, she’s already having a lot of issues, but it’s really at that point in her life that’s the first big moments of the book that start her true downward spiral to becoming truly evil.”

It will also feature some back story about young Cinder and Winter along with Dr. Erland and provide some information about important turning points in the series’ finale Winter.

Fairest is due out on January 27, 2015 and the series will reach its conclusion in November of that same year with Winter, a retelling of Snow White.

Marissa Meyer Fairest

(via: USA Today)


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