Margaret Atwood’s Newest Work Won’t Be Available Until 2114 (Gross Sobbing)

Margaret Atwood

In theory, time capsules are really cool. Unless said time capsules are full of brand new writing by an author you love and you will probably be dead by the time the public is allowed to read it.

Atwood is the first author contributing to the Future Library project, which sees one author a year for the next century joining the public art project.

The Future Library is the brainchild of Scottish artist Katie Paterson, who planted 1,000 trees in woods outside of Oslo. A century from now the trees will be cut down to print the 100 works of literature on.

Explained Paterson, “They can write whatever they like… We’re just asking that it be on the theme of imagination and time, which they can take in so many directions. I think it’s important that the writing reflects maybe something of this moment in time, so when future readers open the book, they will have some kind of reflection of how we were living in this moment.”

Said Atwood of her decision to write for the project, “It is the kind of thing you either immediately say yes or no to. You don’t think about it for very long.”

“I think it goes right back to that phase of our childhood when we used to bury little things in the backyard, hoping that someone would dig them up, long in the future.”

Come on robot bodies, hurry up already!

Supernatural Ugly Crying GIF

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3 thoughts on “Margaret Atwood’s Newest Work Won’t Be Available Until 2114 (Gross Sobbing)

  1. […] Margaret Atwood’s latest short story collection (her first since 2006’s anthology Moral Disorder) contains nine tales of horror and humor, with stories following literary greats, not-so greats, severed hands bent on revenge, vampires, long-dead groomsmen, tiny imaginary people in period garb and murder by stromatolite. It’s truly Atwood at her finest. Now if only she changed her mind about publishing that novel 100 years from now. […]

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