Based on this First Look, Rob Thomas’ “iZombie” is the Undead Veronica Mars

If you were not yet aware, the CW teamed up yet again with “Veronica Mars” creator Rob Thomas to adapt the Vertigo comic series iZombie into a television show of the same name.

In anticipation of the brand new show — which is premiering on March 17 — the CW released a first look at the series.

It’s very “Veronica Mars,” in that the main character is cute, blonde, provides voice-overs and has a knack for solving crime. The main difference? She’s a zombie who solves crimes by eating the brains of the deceased and imbibing their memories.

For those of you who are fans of the comic series, Thomas has gone on record to say that the television series is a very different beast.

As he admitted, “We didn’t hue terribly close to the source material. In the comic, there’s a whole monster universe … and we wanted to stay strictly zombie.”

“We really needed a story engine. We wanted a case-of-the-week show. In the comic, the character is a grave digger. By making her an assistant medical examiner and putting her in the morgue, it gave us our case of the week that we wanted.”

In addition to this, the main character is named Liv (get it?) rather than Gwen. We’re also assuming the ghost best friend is being dropped as well as the cigar-smoking/possessed chimpanzee.

(via: the Hollywood Reporter)


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