Around the Interwebs: Volume XLVIII

Cats + Literary Puns = The Only Makeup You Will Ever Need (via Bustle)

Catssic Literature

Catssic Literature is the only collection of eyeshadow and lip balm you will buy from now on. Because when you buy Call Me Ishmeow, Edgar Allan Prrr, Jane Pawsten, Purrian Gray and the Great Catsby, how could you ever go back to normal makeup ever again? You can buy the whole collection at Hello Waffle Cosmetics.

Please Mass Produce These Harry Potter Re-Designs So We Can Buy Them (via Behance)

Glow in the Dark Harry Potter

Add these gorgeous glow-in-the-dark Harry Potter books to the list of things we will forever covet but won’t be able to buy. Because they were created by a Hungarian art student as part of her BA project. See even more gorgeous details over on Behance. We love the minimalism and the artist’s aim to enhance rather than distract from the story. Plus they glow, so, yeah.

#LetMeLibrarianThatForYou is Our New Favorite Hashtag (via Mental Floss)

The New York Public Library recently stumbled on an old box labeled “Interesting Reference Questions.” Inside were questions asked of librarians in the olden days. And let us tell you, they are truly gems. You can see for yourself over on Mental Floss. Explained a NYPL spokesperson, “We were Google before Google existed. If you wanted to know if a poisonous snake dies if it bites itself, you’d call or visit us.”

These Author Puns Are Either the Best or the Worst (via Buzzfeed)

Fyodor Toastoevsky

To be honest, we can’t tell if we love these puns of authors names or want to burn them with fire. We’re 99% sure that Fyodor Toastoevsky is funny. See them all here and tell us your opinion. We can no longer think for ourselves.

Coffee Sleeves Are Much Better as Literary Works of Art (via Bored Panda)

Harry Potter Starbucks Sleeve

Rather than throw away their Starbucks coffee sleeves, this artist — working under the hashtag sleevebucks — draws over the cardboard mermaids to make their own designs, a lot of which are downright literary. You can peruse a good selection over on Bored Panda or head over to Instagram to see them all.

This Starbucks Artist However Has Way More Free Time (via Laughing Squid)

Middle-earth Map Coffee Cup

Unlike sleevebucks who works solely on sleeves, one Starbucks cup artist took several hours to turn their used coffee cup into an extremely detailed map of Middle-earth. We hope they did it from memory! If it pleases you, you may check out the rest of the incredibly detailed recreation here. Just try not to think about all the time it probably took to create this masterpiece. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Except whoever made this.

Feel Closer to Your Favorite Authors By Making Their Recipes (via Book Riot)

Virginia Wolfe Food Quote

Want to try Sylvia Plath’s tomato soup cake? How about Tolstoy’s family macaroni and cheese recipe? Now you can with these collected recipes from Book Riot. As they learned in their internet travels, there’s also an entire blog devoted to the subject of recreating authors’ food entitled Paper and Salt. Definitely worth a look.

One Intrepid User Created a Choose Your Own Adventure Story in 140 Characters or Less (via Gizmodo)

Finally, we leave you with this choose your own adventure story based entirely on Twitter. Will you run? Will you hide? When they come for you will you deserve it? You truly do for your wicked life.

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