Yes Virginia, Spider-Man Will Be Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Spider-man MemePerhaps you didn’t have time to get on the internet today. In which case you probably missed the announcement that Sony and Marvel have joined forces and decided to share Spider-Man.

Now if only 20th Century Fox could get on board and let Marvel borrow the X-Men.

We know, we know, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Unless it’s a Trojan horse. Or Mr. Ed.

Anyway, Spider-Man (a new one that is neither Toby Maguire nor Andrew Garfield) will make his premiere in a Marvel film before getting a standalone movie with Sony.

A standalone movie which may feature Marvel characters.

A standalone movie which may not suck.

One a scale of Toby Maguire to Toby Maguire, how Toby Maguire are you?

Spider-man Dance GIF Spider-man 3 Emo GIF(via: Marvel)


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