Ryan Reynolds Announces “Deadpool Movie Will Be Rated R By Knocking Mario Lopez Unconscious

In case you did not yet know, there’s a Deadpool movie coming out starring Ryan Reynolds, which thankfully has nothing to do with his Deadpool character from that horrible Wolverine prequel that shall not be named.

Backstory aside, Reynolds frightened a lot of people yesterday (April Fool’s Day) by mentioning that the film in question would receive a PG-13 rating. A decision which would have the Merc with the Mouth heavily censored.

Bonus: at least he would still have a mouth.

Reynolds later revealed these statements were jokes (Aprilpools!) on Twitter and by knocking Mario Lopez unconscious. Fuck you Slater!

You can watch the video of that above and check out the original Deadpool test footage below, which blessedly got the film out of development hell.

We also included a photo of Deadpool on a bearskin rug a la Burt Reynolds because why not.

(via Mashable)


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