Book Cover Battle: ‘The Mortal Instruments’ by Cassandra Clare – Cover Redesign VS. Original Covers

The Mortal Instrument Redesign

In case you have not yet heard, Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter series is being adapted into a television show, and to celebrate, both The Infernal Devices and The Mortal Instruments series got much-needed redesigns.

We shared the new covers for The Infernal Devices yesterday and today we’re showing off the more complicated covers available for The Mortal Instruments.

Which books would you buy? The cover redesign (above) or the original covers (below)?

Keep reading for the series synopsis, get a glimpse at the spine artwork for the redesign and vote for which covers you like best!

The Mortal Instruments Cover

Clary Fray’s search for her missing mother leads her into an alternate New York called Downworld, filled with mysterious faeries, hard-partying warlocks, not-what-they-seem vampires, an army of werewolves, and the demons who want to destroy it all. She also finds herself torn between two boys—her best friend, Simon, for whom she’s developing new feelings, and the mysterious Shadowhunter, Jace.

She becomes a part of the secret world of the Shadowhunters and as she does, she discovers that rescuing her mother might mean jeopardizing everything the Shadowhunters work for.

The Mortal Instruments Redesign Spine

7 thoughts on “Book Cover Battle: ‘The Mortal Instruments’ by Cassandra Clare – Cover Redesign VS. Original Covers

  1. I definitely would buy the new cover! 😀 I read most of these books on ebook because I didn’t really like the original covers. 😀

  2. If I had all the money in the world I would buy the new covers!! The spines are also super cool as well. I thought that was a really well thought out by the designer!

  3. I like the new ones! They’re ridiculously good-looking, the spines are great, and all of the characters are featured (not to mention in badass warrior poses). Also the old covers kinda look like crappy 2000’s erotica novels. Haha, sorry, but its true,

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