‘Winds of Winter’ Has a 2016 Release Date, Unless a Meteor Kills Us All Before Then

Joffrey Clapping Game of Thrones GIF

We’ve already given up all hope of Games of Thrones not spoiling the last two books in the Song of Ice and Fire series, but notorious glacier/author George R. R. Martin may finally be on track to finish Winds of Winter in 2016.

We know, we know, Winter is coming. Well, Winter has been coming for five years.

The publication date was revealed in an interview with Martin’s Spanish-language editor Alejo Cuervo, ruining all hopes of GRRM dropping the book a la Beyonce.

Radio host: And the sixth book will come out…?

Cuervo: It’s planned for next year.

RH: In English, you mean, but, in Spanish, when would that be?

C: They have promised us that they will give us the manuscript before the release date in English, but it won’t be a big difference (between the two dates).

RH: But it will also be during the next year for sure, won’t it?

C: Yes. Well, for sure… unless a meteorite falls.

Will it actually happen? We’ll have to wait and see. For now, you can send your prayers c/o the old gods and the new.

And try not to think about that time Martin planned to finish the series by 1998.

(via The Independent)


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