My Year in Reading: Cassie-la’s September 2015 Wrap Up

September 2015 Wrap Up

Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas

I love love loved the first two books in the Throne of Glass series about a bad ass lady assassin living in a semi-medieval world. It has everything: romance, magic, monsters, and the complete ability to rip your beating heart out of your chest. I’ve heard it only gets worse from here.

Spider-Gwen Vol. 0: Most Wanted? by Jason Latour

While I’m not the biggest fan of Spider-man Peter Parker, I really do enjoy his alternate universe counter-part Spider-Gwen (AKA Spider-Woman) who made her first web-slinging appearance in Dan Slott’s Spider-Verse. She will return this month in Marvel’s All-New, All-Different comics.

Jem and the Holograms: Showtime by Kelly Thompson

Kelly Thompson, the author who caught our attention with her kick-ass story The Girl Who Would Be King writes this remake of 80’s animated series Jem. The artwork is adorable and I love the diversity, but the plots are definitely aimed at much younger readers.

The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray: A Critical Appreciation of the World’s Finest Actor by Robert Schnakenberg

This unofficial biography details the life and the films of actor Bill “the Murricane” Murray as well as his personal antics, which include crashing funerals, bachelor parties and kickball games. Part biography and part film critique, this book is all Murray. [READ FULL REVIEW]

The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow

I really wanted to like this young adult dystopian child murder novel about rulers who give their kids up as hostages to ensure worldwide peace. Unfortunately, while it was well-written, the characters were boring and the plot equally so. It did not live up to its premise. [READ FULL REVIEW]

Hawkeye Vol. 5: All New Hawkeye by Jeff Lemire

Jeff Lemire makes his Marvel debut in this series, picking up where Matt Fraction left off. The series manages to keep the artwork unique, alternating between the modern day Hawkeye in a more typical comic book style and young Hawkeye with a water-color technique.

Outcast Vol. 2: A Vast and Unending Ruin by Robert Kirkman

While I continue to like the Outcast series, I still don’t love it the way I do Kirkman’s ongoing zombie comic The Walking Dead. However, I will give the next volume another chance, mostly to prepare for the Cinemax adaptation.

How to Tell If Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You by the Oatmeal

While “running” a 10K this past weekend organized by web comic artist the Oatmeal, I decided to pick up his cat-centric collection, which told me what I already know — that yes, my cat is plotting to kill me. Don’t let her innocent face fool you.

Descender Vol. 1: Tin Stars by Jeff Lemire

Apparently it was a Jeff Lemire heavy month. In this brand new science-fiction series, Lemire writes about a robot boy named TIM-21 who awakens ten years after a catastrophe in a world where all androids have been outlawed. It’s off to a good start so far!

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