BookTube: The Spines With Wines Book Club Talks ‘The Dead House’ by Dawn Kurtagich

Dead House Spines with Wines

Welcome to the first edition of a brand new book club called Spines With Wines, not to be confused with the long defunct Bibliomantic book club!

Spines with Wines is comprised of myself, book blogger/BookTuber Kristin Hackett and illustrator Melissa Kay and involves discussing a book while drinking wine. Because book club.

This month we tackled the young adult horror story The Dead House by Dawn Kurtagich.

You can watch the full video of our book club below and follow me, Kristin and Melissa on social media for news about November’s live stream.

For reference, we will be reading and talking about the final book in Marissa Meyer’s The Lunar Chronicles: Winter.

Welcome to the Dead House.

Three students: dead.

Carly Johnson: vanished without a trace.

Two decades have passed since an inferno swept through Elmbridge High, claiming the lives of three teenagers and causing one student, Carly Johnson, to disappear. The main suspect: Kaitlyn, “the girl of nowhere.”

Kaitlyn’s diary, discovered in the ruins of Elmbridge High, reveals the thoughts of a disturbed mind. Its charred pages tell a sinister version of events that took place that tragic night, and the girl of nowhere is caught in the center of it all. But many claim Kaitlyn doesn’t exist, and in a way, she doesn’t – because she is the alter ego of Carly Johnson.

Carly gets the day. Kaitlyn has the night. It’s during the night that a mystery surrounding the Dead House unravels and a dark, twisted magic ruins the lives of each student that dares touch it.

Debut author Dawn Kurtagich masterfully weaves together a thrilling and terrifying story using psychiatric reports, witness testimonials, video footage, and the discovered diary – and as the mystery grows, the horrifying truth about what happened that night unfolds.

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