Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Editions of ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ Cassie-la is Thankful For

Top Ten Tuesday Alice Wonderland

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly original feature created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish that combines the fun of making lists with our love of books.

This week’s topic is a Thanksgiving-themed freebie and since Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland celebrates its 150th anniversary on Thanksgiving day, the best list possible is a Wonderland themed one!

SIDE NOTE: In case you didn’t know, I have over 19 different editions of the two books in the Alice series and had an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding, so you could say I’m a little obsessed.

Alice Wonderland Through Looking Glass 1899

1. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass – 1899 editions

Like I said, I have a lot of versions of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in my library, but these vintage editions hold a special place in my heart, partially because they’re rare, but mostly because they were the first Christmas gifts from my now-husband.

Rifle Paper Company Alice in Wonderland

2. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – Rifle Paper Co. edition illustrated by Anna Bond

The latest and most beautiful book in my collection is the brand new, fully illustrated version from the Rifle Paper Co. Everything about this book is gorgeous, with or without its slipcover.

Camille Rose Garcia Alice in Wonderland Caterpillar

3. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland illustrated by Camille Rose Garcia

I was a big fan of the creepy artwork of Camille Rose Garcia before she took a stab at illustrating the first book in the Alice series, so it makes sense that this frightening and colorful version was a must-have.

Alice Wonderland Through the Looking Glass B&N Edition

4. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classics

Sometimes you have to buy a book just for its cover and this edition was no exception. While the latest version of the book is raspberry colored, I much prefer my purple and pink version — which is a thing I tell myself to keep from buying the same book in a different color.

Alice Wonderland Other Stories B&N

5. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Other Stories – Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classics

In addition to the original Alice stories, this massive pink behemoth also holds a variety of other Lewis Carroll tales. With its gold-gilded edges, this B&N classic is a must for any Alice collection.

Annotated Alice 150 Deluxe

6. The Annotated Alice: 150th Anniversary Deluxe Edition by Martin Gardner

The highly informative annotated version of the Alice books has gotten a brand new edition — just in time for the 150th anniversary — that combines all three of Gardner’s works into one massive volume!

Alice Wonderland B&N Collection

7. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass – Barnes & Noble Collectible Edition

Purple is my favorite color and I have a weakness (obviously) for the B&N collectible editions, so this version was required for my shelves. Gotta love a gorgeously designed hardcover.

Alice Under Ground Illustration

8. Alice’s Adventures Under Ground illustrated by Charles Santore

Before Lewis Carroll’s fantastical story became what we know it to be today, it was a handwritten book entitled Alice’s Adventures Under Ground. This is that original story, unabridged and with never before seen illustrations by Charles Santore.

Alice Wonderland Macmillan 150

9. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – Macmillan’s 150th Anniversary Edition

While there’s nothing particularly special about Macmillan’s 150th cover for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, I’m pretty fond of it. Sometimes simpler is better and this version of the children’s classic is just that.

Alice Wonderland Decoded

10. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Decoded by David Day

Much like The Annotated Alice, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Decoded is a deeper look at the Alice books. Unlike The Annotated Alice however, David Day’s book really excels in terms of illustrations and layouts.

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